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Price Match Bait & Switch SCAM!

You've gotta love the creative twist to the old BAIT & SWITCH SCAM that the guys over have going.

I have a regular supplement that I take and generally order online from a reputable company I've done business with for awhile. This time though I decided to check on the price and ran across the website. Their website declares in BIG BOLD letters on the top "Lowest shipped price...guaranteed!" so I thought I'd give them a try. I ordered my supplement which was a little more than I'd been paying before and went through their checkout process where they offered to do a price match. I entered in the required information and voila they "validated" the price and gave me the discount! I enthusiastically completed the checkout, paid for my order, and felt terrific that I found a site that actually seemed like they really did what they claimed! BOY HOW WRONG I WAS!

Later I received an email explaining that my price match was "declined" because the competitor has "excessive" shipping and handling charges. Of course by the time I saw the email the next day had already taken it upon themselves to change my order, CHARGE MY CARD THE HIGHER PRICE, and ship out my order ALL WITHOUT MY APPROVAL.

When I complained and asked for the difference to be refunded refused and sent me their "policy" apparently buried somewhere in small print on a very long secondary web page. Basically the dozen or so conditions that can result in your "instant price match" being declined is pretty much anything that they can interpret as an EXCUSE for why someone else might be cheaper than them.

So their SCAM seems to be SUCKER people in with the "guarantee" of an "instant price match, APPEAR to give someone a discount in order to get them to order something, WAIT awhile to "verify" the discount you were given, use some "policy" as an EXCUSE to "decline" the discount they supposedly gave you, CHARGE YOU THE HIGHER AMOUNT WHICH YOU DID NOT APPROVE, and then SHIP out your order BEFORE YOU CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

In my case we're fortunately not talking about very much money but I do think that it's important that this kind of UNETHICAL and ILLEGAL business behavior is called out. I plan on contacting groups like the Attorney General, BBB, FTC and probably VISA to alert them about the shady practices of this company but I thought it'd be a good idea to alert the community here as well. Be careful if you decide to try out this company---they seem intent on CHEATING PEOPLE with their PHONY price match SCAM! Beware!!!

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