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Good, but watch what your buying. Alienware recommended

I recently bought and Alienware M17x r3. To begin with there was nothing wrong with the laptop and it still performs fine, but i have found a faulty pixel (green dot) that won't go away & i might need to end up getting the screen replace (I don't know how hard that will be with NDC's return to base warranty as i live in Australia). The computer is brilliant and nothing else is wrong with it, and for most people you wouldn't even notice it except i have minor OCD. The pixel only shows up when on a dark browser or game, and i have heard this happens with brand new LCD monitors, its just unfortunate i may need to pay $200+ to send it back. Overall from the reviews of other, i would recommend buying alienwares. From NDC's motto "leading suppliers of refurbished Alienwares in the UK" it seems that any other laptop has a slightly higher chance of having something wrong with it (i may be wrong since the reviews don't say the model of laptop). The M17x R3 is great when it comes to games running Skyrim, BF3 and other games like saints row the third, Garrys mod, CS:S etc. at a consistent 30+ FPS on high to Ultra settings. With fraps running i can easily record without lag at 25+ on High and With 3D enabled Medium settings 15+. The lighting is great, although the computer does get hot and i recommend a cooling stand. Every port works, Every button works, but i had a friend who bought a m15x who's Y key didn't work although somehow he got dell to fix it at home really fast with the fully backlit keyboard upgrade free, so i may need to talk to him and update my thoughs on NDC's warranty. I haven't tried out their customer services but there was something when i ordered the computer that delayed it by a week. When ordering the computer i didn't realize my address was unconfirmed so they sent me an email asking for a scanned copy of my credit card which i though was bizarre and completely crazy, so i refused. They then sent me an email again saying it was because of the Address. I then sent them another email saying again how silly it was and i refused again. 3 days later i got an email saying "sorry we sent you the wrong template email, please send us your drivers licence not your credit card" which i saw as reasonable, but that one mistake delayed my computer by at least a week. I recommend any Alienware laptop of NDC although i do suggest you do your research into buying other laptops from them because from what i see, other customers aren't too happy.

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