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Almost perfect but one slight difficulty

As a full time working woman on a low income I very much rely on mail order catalogues to budget buying clothes, gifts and furniture. Very Catalogue is one of the best catalogues on the market as the prices are slightly lower than other catalogues but the delivery service is excellent and any problems are resolved promptly.

Unfortunately, the one problem which now seems to be the practice on all mail order catalogues is payment every 28 days (impossible to maintain when paid by calendar month) - so I regularly incur "bad-debt" letters and charges and have recently had an order refused (because I paid 3 days late). I pay regularly every calendar month but have incurred a lot in "late payment charges" because of this "rule". I have a very stressful job, work 12 hours a day, but to pay every 28 days means twice a calendar month (which I cannot afford, so now have to restrict when and what I order so I can clear debt monthly).

I have no reservation about recommending Very to my friends and colleagues as they are an excellent mail order catalogue - but 28 day payment is impossible for me and the stress caused by "bad debtor" letters is the only reason I rate this 4 stars. I am on a low salary (NHS pay freeze) and feel penalised as payment method is not flexible, I am sure I am not alone. Thank you.



Prompt delivery, well packaged items, and most things in stock or available at all times. Prices are sometimes a little higher, but well worth the extra for the convenience of shopping from home (especially in the early hours when I am awake)!
My only hope is that one day payment can be "per calendar month" as I could then set up a direct debit for 1st of each month - as it is every 4 weeks I cannot do this as my salary would not be available to guarantee payment. I wonder if pcm payments could be worked out as this would then be the "icing on the cake" and give customers who need to budget the peace of mind each month.

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