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Superb service

Ordered a inner glass panel for my oven after my original glass shattered under light cleaning.
After contacting New World appliances for a new piece of glass, they kindly informed me that they would charge me over £60 for a new panel because I was out of guarantee, so I decided to try and source one myself online.
I came across and found the glass panel priced at £35 with just over a fiver for delivery.
I ordered it yesterday at 3pm ish, and it was delivered today at 2pm!
It was the correct part, packaged well, delivered fantastically quick and the price was one of the best on the web compared to other online parts suppliers.
A big thankyou to
This company has got a great future with service like this, keep it up!
I can now stop worrying about cooking the christmas dinner, thanks to


product bought from them damaged my shower

I purchased a colour changing shower head from maplins and after fitting it turned the shower on. The shower head shook violently for a few seconds without any water coming out, then I heard a bang from my shower. After consulting with maplins and an electrician, it would seem that the shower head operates on a water wheel which spins around inside the unit to create power for the L.E.D's inside the head. On this occasion the water wheel had jammed causing back pressure inside the shower and consequently blew a heating element inside my shower.
After complaining to Maplins, they said they would return the shower head to their "technical department" for testing, and after a week or so, they informed me they would not be repairing my shower as they could now not find anything wrong with the shower head.
They refunded me for my original purchase but would not be compensating me for the damage caused by their product.
My shower was operating fine before using this gimmick of a product and find it odd that my shower broke after fitting their product.
I wont be using Maplins again, I feel that they have neglected their responsibilty to put right damage caused by using one of their products.
I am now out of pocket by well over £100 now to buy a new shower unit and the cost to have it fitted now by a plumber.
I am disgusted by Maplins service on this occasion and will look elsewhere for electrical and electronic products.
I have spent so much money with this company as well :(
Goodbye Maplins


Never ever ever buy their "aftercare" insurance

this company girl bought a laptop from them and was convinced by their sales staff to buy "whatever happens" insurance on a pay monthly basis.
unfortunantely she had cause to claim after her laptop developed a problem with the screen and as it was past the year guarantee, claimed on her "whatever happens" insurance.
They took the laptop and said they would sort it. No offer of a temporary replacement was given and my girl accepted their terms which was if they could not repair within a set time they would replace her laptop with a new one.
After the allocated time passed, my girl asked currys for a replacement, as they had not been able to repair and send the laptop back within an acceptable time frame (stated in THEIR terms and conditions)
Currys blatantly lied to her and told her that it HAD been repaired but had been sent back to the store for collection with screws missing and had to be sent back for futher "repairs" and this would have been classed as 2 repairs and therefore she was not entitled to a replacement. They lied again and stated that they had in fact tried to call her and tell her but they had an incorrect number (this was a blatant lie as the correct number was printed on a job sheet).
We complained to the store manager who reinforced the decision not to replace the laptop, even after the time taken to fix the problem had elapsed beyond a time they stipulate in their contracts for insurance.
Calling their customer service helpline was also ridiculous, as they started to imply that we had no idea what we where talking about, even threatening them with a small claim in court because as far as we perceived it, they had taken money on a monthly basis to give peace of mind when somehting went wrong, and had not honoured 1 of their guarantees and was therefore in breach of THEIR contract, but they simply said "if thats how you feel then that is your right to take us to court"
This companys aftercare stinks, their customer service is shoddy when you complain, and they are born liars.
They want to take your money with a big smile, but dont want to give out when it comes to shelling out.
Never ever buy their insurance.........they will lead you a merry game if you claim.
We eventually got the laptop back and yes the screen is repaired, but the laptop now shuts down whenever it feels like it.
The pay monthly agreement was cancelled.
We didnt take them to court, although in principle we should have claimed every single months insurance payment back from them as they had sold us insurance that they did not honour upon claim.
We didnt go to court, simply because we had had enough of currys and wanted nothing more to do with them and their dirty tactics in order to shun their responsibilties under their insurance policy.

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quick service and a extra treat for my dog!

I ordered 2 x 15kg sacks of food for my dog, as his food was running out and the order was placed and delivered within 3 days!Also inside the package was around 4 rawhide treats which had been given for free for my pouch! the price was great, the service great, and will certainly consider Petshopbowl for future pet requirements. keep up the good work and many thanks.

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