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!The worst customer focus of any company i have dealt with

I wanted to buy a new gaming keyboard. When spending £70+ on such an item i expect to be able to see it first, that’s the point of going to a shop right? If i wanted to buy it without looking i would have paid the 10% less price and ordered it online. The manager of the store was in that day and when i asked if i could see the keyboard, (not use it or touch it ect) he told me they do not open sealed products. This may be standard practise on some items but it still seems short sighted to me. I asked why this was the case and got a 1 liner response from him. ''We don’t open sealed products'' i protested and told him that if i was spending my cash on an expensive luxury product i should be able to see what i am buying. He told me i could look at it but he would charge me a 20% restocking fee. For the mathematically challenged among you that’s a whopping £14. £14 fucking quid for looking at something i want to buy??

I left the shop, very angry. I then phoned after and asked to speak to the manager. When i asked why he thought it was ok to treat paying customers like dirt i got the same 1 liner. ''We don’t open sealed products'' Then silence.... i was waiting for him to say something else, maybe an apology or better reason. I got nothing. Just silence.

I can honestly say i never wanted to smash something as badly as i did after this experience.

Yoyotech are a rude and poorly managed bunch of jumped up little tech heads that claim to produce the fastest systems around. Instead they have managed to create the fastest customer turn off ever seen. Well done boys.

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