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Early Dayz Still

Apple Iphone mobile (facebook) keeps crashing, when your paying all that money you want more than just a die Hard sequel that like the films gets higher & higher, but the bottom line is they all do the same thing , break easy, battery life cant cope with lots going on, so is it really a mobile when your always plugged in the mains or waiting for it to be repaired ( have a spare back up phone to be safe)



If you want to no what color pants Steven Fry has put on today, this one is for you, I myself dont want everyone out there being told what I am doing, good if your that lonely bored or cant talk to someone in the real world....


Fair Tradding

Over all this is a good site, a lot less chance than getting a snide copy or fake than E-bay. And also has a good price guide to toy with, format for the site is well done as well A SMOOTH SHOPPING TIME ALL ROUND


A little extra for better

It is a little bit more pricey but its the Roles Royce of the Super markets, a food/clothes shop aimed at middle to upper class shoppers who enjoy the nicer things in life ( and your more respectful shoplifter)


Winning Low prices

Asda is without any doubt the cheapest when up against the rest in the running for customer confusion, yes this one is top of the BOGOF's and on a weekly shopping bill, you get more for less than you do else where
Move over Santa theres room for more


The best freebie ever

Talk to anyone any where in the world for free,Naked if you want, no one else is watching or so they say


Njoy it I did

Not to much of a paper trail, on line handy payment scheme, but they have this habit of just stealing your money and making you show VAT receipts ect ( find out where someone in charge lives before massing money up or they will just rob you )


loves me loves me not

it should of been called Nosebook, invite the outside WORLD into your underwear draw, But if you want to flag your Birthday or make your X pay attention then this one is for you ( beware you may end up on Jerry springer). Some games are worth leaving your lover for as well

20 December 2011

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Promice it;s Great

For me it's the Holy grail of snippets from around the globe,play lists need to be made easier for the 5 th star



Yes its cheap,yes there are many bargains, and yes 70 % of it all is snide. I found this a very demanding site, that with one wrong move your in court being billed



I have used many many Times stayed in some beautiful places at a cheap rate compared with the normal

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Well I only comment on what I have used and what I no to be good bad or ugly