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I had been using my hermes for some time mostly sending parcels. recently a buyer; my ebay customer reported that they had not received their item / parcel that I had sent via my hermes. I reported this almost 2 months after I had sent parcel on very day my customer had informed me. The tracking information showed that parcel was left in a porch area of delivery address. But I had paid my hermes an extra £1 for proof of delivery i.e. for my hermes to obtain a signature. No signature was taken! My hermes claimed that the "parcel was securely delivered to the porch area of the delivery address"; - AND as for compensation, i will not get anything save for a £1 refund, for the extra i paid to have obtained a signature that is proper proof of delivery and justifies a claim. For all i know, my hermes and or the driver could have stolen the parcel and merely 'claimed' that it was left wherever, but in any case, i paid for a signature to be obtained and not for the parcel to be left wherever, where, -- if left -- could be stolen by anybody else, since the porch was a business address not residental, and my hermes full well knew this! So all they offered me was a £1 refund! and this is in breech of their point 14. rules of there terms and conditions; as follows: "14 Proof of Delivery We will have proved that we made a Delivery if we have:
- the Recipient’s signature; or
- a neighbour’s signature; or
- a drop card if the Parcel has been left in a Safe Place."

Thus they have NO PROOF that they had delivered the parcel which is why they never collected a signature and which is why they stole the parcel and will not pay me compensation.

In my most valid opinion, this company are not above board! they are a typical crocked company, who want nothing else but the money and offer no proper service. The company is not worth using, is not worth a biscuit and they would rob their own granny. They have no tact and they do not even deserve 1 star. I'd rather get bitten by Count Dracula than use my hermes. I will not buy from any company that uses my hermes to delivery their goods!


Lidl staff mcok customers!

Went to Iidl store a while back in order to return some recall drinks product. Walked in with products in plain view of CCTV. Was more or less accused of stealing the goods when I asked the manger about issuing a refund. Manager offered a credit note: clearly against all rules! Had paid on card and had receipt at home: regarding recall, the rules are a full refund. Manager clearly does not know the rules. Merely had those products in boot of car so when heard on radio regarding the recall, on way to work, dropped them off as directed to do so.

Manager sent me to till, Staff there held me up in the store, messing me about, was checking CCTV, then was unable to, don't know why. Black woman on till was laughing at me and Asian fat man on another till was mocking me leaning over against the counter. Evidently he eats too much. Have not been back since and will not engage with people who shop in Lidl. Can't stand the company, their horrible plastic bags and the people that held them.

Lidl must compensate me for the distress caused, but as yet have failed to do so. Their staff are rude and in a way demonstrate the types of people that make London a bad place to live. There is no customer service desk in their stores, this is designed so that they treat customers like salves!, mock them, mess them about and Lidl employ degenerates who are good at doing all of this.
Anyway, the good news is since not shopping at Lidl anymore I feel much better, my health is much improved. I think Lidl products were making me feel ill. I don't know where they produce them but I often felt sick when consuming their food and drinks stuff. I'm glad I no longer shop in Lidls. Fell sorry for the people who still do and get caught up in their fake marketing, scams.


Reasonable, easy to use, handy

I thought the cost of using the service was reasonable. Found the site easy to use, and would consider using again. I sent funds to Bg, had not known that the a/c held by the receiver was in £, I sent from £ to Lv. so then when the receiver got the funds, they said they had to have the funds converted to £ again automatically and lost some £20. Okay I never knew, and they never informed me wither, I assumed that because the account was held in Bg that it was a Lv account and not a £ account. The receiver should have informed me. But then again, I am not sure if i would have been able to send £, to an account in Bg, maybe there is no option on the global web pay website. I'm not on that page/s now so cannot say. Anyway next time, i would ask the receiver to state what currency their bank account is set to so that they or I do not end up losing when having to convert funds again.


Scammers avoid this company

I sent a parcel via parcels2go, the contents arrived broken. Though it went via another delivery company, I made a claim through parcels2go because I was insured through them. I submitted all that I needed to i.e. all the evidence that was required by their system. They failed to pay for my loss and failed moreover to inform me of the reason. I would never use parcels2go again and would of course never recommend them. Rubbish company that are out to make money at the expense of customers. Just a middle man company not a proper company at all. Avoid. Avoid, Avoid. They are not even worth 1 star because they are not trustworthy.

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