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Good delivery

I just received an email from Lens Store asking me to write a review here whether good or bad. I think this is a sign of a company offering good service, as well as striving to improve it.

I needed some lenses in a hurry, and my optician was insisting on an eyecare appointment first. To get around this, I just ordered 1 month's supply online. I chose this company because they had a lot of good reviews online.

The lenses arrived promptly and seem to be fine. After I eventually get round to my opticians appointment I will compare prices and may just buy a month or three month's supply from my local optician, and then a year or two's supply from Lenstore before going back for another appointment.

The price was £25 for a month's dailies, I think it may have been more like £30 from my high street optician, so I can't remember for sure. The difference wasn't as big as I had hoped.

One thing I didn't like was that the prices are shown per eye initially, and it was unclear to me whether this was per eye or total. When you go to pay, the price doubles. No-one is ever going to order lenses for one eye (or rarely) so I don't like this and I think they should change it.


£64 Credit Card Charge

I just booked a flight with Opodo and they tried to charge me a staggering £64 for paying by credit card. I managed to avoid the ridiculous charge by paying with debit card, but obviously I may be in trouble if Opodo or British Airways or Lan Chile goes bust before I take the flights. It's unfair that they would be force me to pay such a huge amount for a transaction that probably costs them £0.10 or £1. Why would they do that? Are they trying to cover themselves against refunds on cancellations? It's not promsing.

The reason the charge was so high is it was >£3000 worth of flights. If you were paying for a £500 flight by credit card it would be "only" £10. What a joke.

I have used opodo many times before and never had a problem with them in terms of email delivery of what I ordered, and the airlines always recognised the flights.

But I've never tried to change a booking or had any experience of customer service.

LED Lights Zone

Awful Service, Don't Even Deliver Product

I'm tired of this company's broken promises. Every delivery date promised is not fulfilled and they are just incompetent. No-one knows anything and they can't find the products in their system either.

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20 June 2013

Reply from LED Lights Zone

Hi Karen, We are very sorry to hear this, however we thank you for your feedback and taking the time to do so. We hope to resolve any issues so please could you email us at admin@ledlightszone.co.uk explaining the situation adding any details that may help us to investigate this problem so that we can take appropriate action to sort this out for you. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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