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Ikea - Kitchens

Purchased an ikea kitchen a year ago and it is the best kitchen I have ever had. A lot of people slag off flat pack kitchens, but I put it up correctly and employed a private chippy to put a worktop on and do the finishing touchers and it looks better than others in very expensive shops and show rooms. total cost for our large kitchen was less than £3K, fitted and finished (dont use ikea fitters as they are expensive - did most of it myself as its not brain surgery - and employ a good chippy to do the finishing touchers - save loads of money that way).
Ikea fitters wanted £3K to fit a £2K kitchen, thats just wrong.
Other kitchens by other companies of simular look (but in my opinion not as good quality were about £10K
I purchased the kitchen including appliances and paid a chippy and had change out of £3k


average company

Just interested in your money, not had any problems with them, but the odds are not the best generally


average company

Just interested in your money, not had any problems with them, but the odds are not the best generally


Average Company

Just interested in your money, not had any problems with them, but the odds are not the best generally


Tesco Has Too Much Of A Hold On Customers

My local 24 tesco, is the only large supermarket in our town of 12,000 houses. They are forever stop stocking items that are popular but cheap and replacing them with more expensive lines. If I travel to another tesco store in a local town that has other supermarkets in it, the cheap items are available. Why do they do this, it is money grabbing and not serving the community they are set up in. I have heard of people being band from the store for complaining about this sort of thing, so I expect I will get band now, but atleast everyone will know why.


Could Do Better - But Got There In The End

Purchased a couple of things from Currys recently, One of the items would not allow me to purchase on-line, so after searching the internet for a contact number for my local store (this is an impossible task and the website also does not have this information). I finally found a general number that I used.
It took 4 calls and visits to 2 local stores before I managed to get the item I wanted (this was an item that they were advertising on TV, so it should have been readly available.
It did finally come and on time, lets hope it works after christmas and for many years. fingeres crossed.

Just Eat

Customer Service Seems Not To Care

Yet again Just Eat are so incompetent, I have never managed to have a menu on line with them, with out mistakes and when I report the mistakes, they make more mistakes trying to correct the initally mistakes. I get sick of dealing with incompetent people and Just Eat is Full Of Them.
They must be the worst company I have ever deal with. wish I had never agreed to allow them to display my shop on there system as they dont do our reputation any good and a year down the line, we have not made enough profit out of there service to cover the fees they charge. Going with Just -Eat was a mistake and I would warn anyone else who is thinking of going with them to Think Very Hard And Long before doing it. They are incompetent and will give you a headache.

copy of my first message about Just Eat and it never got resolved and probably never will as they are incompetent to the nth degree..........
Just Eat Customer Service Seems Not To Care About Anything But Money. It Does Not Care If One Of Its Takeaways Has Problems, Even If The Problem Is Caused By Just-Eat.
It Is Impossible To Get Problems Resolved As There System Will Not Allow You To Record A Problem, Unless They Decided To Put It On As A Problem And There Is No Way That You Can Track A Problem To A Fix As They Will Just Delete/Ignor A Problem If They So Wish.
Just Eat Is The Worst Company I Have Ever Had Dealing With.

20 December 2011

Reply from Just-Eat.co.uk

Hello Ian,

I am so sorry to read your thoughts on Just Eat. I am keen to give context to these points by discovering if you are a customer of Just Eat or a representative of one of our partner restaurants?

We care very much if one of our partners has an issue relating to our service and we will seek a resolution in the same way we aim to resolve queries for our customers.

I am eager to look into your comments further . If you are happy for me to do so, I would be grateful if you would forward me further details to my email address included below. Thank you for your review.

Kind regards,

Ruby Smith
Just Eat Social Media

Email: ruby.smith@just-eat.co.uk

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