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Rigid policies-Avoid!

I recently tried to order flowers for my friend's 30th birthday. The delivery was to be on Wednesday and I placed the order late on Monday night. The section where you input the delivery address did not have a place for additional instructions, so I emailed them first thing on Tuesday morning. I was told it was too late to amend the details and that if the delivery failed, they would not refund my money. I pointed out that there was plenty of time to add the additional information, but they were very rigid and uncaring, insisting that it was "too late". I emailed them back and forth all of Tuesday trying to resolve the issue. In the end, the delivery failed and they pretty much told me they didn't care. Who knows where the flowers are. My friend went without. :(

Luckily I had used a voucher I purchased through Amazon so was able to get a refund but I would STRONGLY caution anyone considering using their "service". They simply do not care about anything other than taking your money. Their policies are written solely to protect themselves and there is no human caring in their "customer service" department.

People order flowers for emotional events. It is a sign of love and respect. Any company in the flower business should respect that and do their UTMOST to make sure deliveries not only arrive but arrive on the date requested. If they want to take a hard line, no additional information approach, then there should be a place to add additional information at the point of order. Not everyone lives/works in an easily accessible location.

I wish I would have read the other reviews before deciding to use their service. NOT RECOMMENDED.


So far, a disaster :(

I signed up for Glossybox thinking it might be a fun way of trying new things. I was charged for the September box and received notification that it had been dispatched. Then I waited. After a week I went to the website to check the status of my order. It was marked as dispatched, but they had used the incorrect postcode- XX 5RF instead of XX 5RE. I emailed them 3 times with no response, left a message on their premium line and finally filed a claim via PayPal before anyone got back to me.

Their initial response? Your package has been delivered and signed for. Err....

Well that's nice but it was not signed for or delivered to ME.

I should note that I live in a huge building with a full time porter who accepts packages and knows me very well. The incorrect postcode used is part of my building so even if MyHermes delivered here, he would have given me my box.

Then Glossybox tells me that MyHermes says that my box was left with flat #3. I knock on the door and no one is in. I speak to the porter who informs me that flat 3 has been empty for several months. As well, to get to flat 3 you have to walk past the porters office. So IF MyHermes was in the building: 1. why didn't he give it to my porter? and 2. why didn't he leave a card through my door telling me where my package was? (there are 150 flats-was I supposed to guess?)

So I am now a week into chasing this box which was "delivered" 2 weeks ago, and Glossybox don't really seem to be bothered by the fact that it is still missing. The emails I get are apathetic and non-apologetic. I have NO IDEA where my box is and they have neither offered a refund nor a replacement. They have chosen to use a shipping company that has DIRE reviews (MyHermes) and don't seem bothered when the boxes are misdirected.

I cannot yet offer a review on the box itself because someone else has it. I have now spent WAY more time and money than it's worth on this. NOT RECOMMENDED.


Where is my package?

I purchased something on ebay and my seller has used My Hermes as the courier. The tracking shows that it has been set "out for delivery" 3 days in a row now and yet still no package.

PLEASE PLEASE ebay sellers, do NOT choose this company as they are not reliable!

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