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Awful Experience!

Firstly, I ordered a bath/shower from Luxury Nook (LN) which got mysteriously lost in a depot somewhere and eventually arrived 3 days later than promised.
Then I ordered a vanity unit with basin and btw toilet. The basin had to be returned because it was warped and didn't fit the unit. True to form, just like the bath, there was no urgency shown from LN and the replacement arrived in its own time. Then, after the toilet was fitted, it started to leak from a hairline crack. After another complaint LN sent another toilet, but it was the wrong one!
At this point I realised I was dealing with a two-bob, cowboy outfit and went and bought a toilet from a reputable dealer. I thought that having bitten the bullet and realising that Luxury Nook was classic 'Watchdog' material that this would be the end of my problems, but no. One week after the bathroom was supposedly finished water started to appear from behind the btw toilet unit. I called my bathroom fitter back (you can imagine how happy he was after all this messing about) and he discovered a 6 inch hairline crack in the concealed cistern. The one supplied by Luxury Nook. Again, I had to go to a proper bathroom company to sort the problem out. I did consider approaching LN about this problem but I couldn't be sure if they would send the right replacement and how long I would have to wait for it!
My bathroom fitter is convinced that they are selling ‘seconds’, if so, there is no mention of this on their website.
Dealing with Luxury Nook has been a complete nightmare. It has cost me approximately £250 to replace all their substandard parts and call my fitter back time after time.
I sent an email to Luxury Nook but never got a reply, a partial refund or even an apology might have been nice. They probably sent the email to the wrong address!
Never gain!

03 January 2012

Reply from Luxury Nook Ltd

Dear Mr Gendler

As per our conversation today. We did reply to your email and are working at resolving the issues you have had ASAP

Kind Regards
The Luxury Nook Team

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