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Neoteric UK ltd

Incompetent, rude, Cant complete tasks, Been 7 Months!!!!

Below is a true copy of the letter my solicitor has sent to this Pathetic company who has been giving our company a run arround. The fact is they cant simply deliver a project on time and are not competent to do so. Their developers are all based in India as you can find them all on linkedIn so you may consider contacting them direct!!! They have taken over £4000 from us and just will not fix the issues and pass over the completed work. I urge everyone to stay well away from them!!!

Neoterics UK Ltd
Enterprise House
Salter Street
27 November 2013
Dear Sirs
Re Website: Furniture Website
We are instructed to act on behalf of our clients regarding construction and design of a Furniture Website.
We have been advised by our clients that the initial instructions were provided to you at the beginning of May 2013. There was also a verbal agreement between you and our clients that full completion of the construction and design would be completed within four- eight weeks. This is clearly not the case as we are now proceeding into the month of December and the website still has not been completed.
Furthermore, we have been advised by our clients that the construction and design completed so far, does not meet the specification of the site. We have been advised by our clients that the site is not being tested correctly by your company which is causing delays in launching the site. This is due to unsatisfactory quality checks being carried out by you. In addition, this is resulting in further manpower being used by our clients as additional testing is being carried out by them which is revealing that the site is not working correctly. This is having to be done repeatedly by our clients which is clearly not acceptable. Our clients have sent us a file of all emails sent to you advising you of all of the issues that need rectifying. This should not prove to be necessary as it is clearly yourselves that are being paid to provide our clients with the expertise and knowledge.

We have also been advised by our clients that they have been severely inconvenienced as a result of your non compliance and negligence with their specifications. This has caused delay and financial loss to them as they have not been able to launch the site on time. They have also been restricted in using the services of another company as the coding and the structure has been created by you. This has severely disadvantaged our clients in seeking another company to construct the site as they will now have to incur further expense to instruct another company to start from the beginning.
We note that our clients have made two payments to you in respect of completion of the works in Stage 1 and Stage 2. Firstly, on 9 May 2013 in the sum of £2400 and a later payment in the sum of £1800 has been made on 21st June 2013.
You are clearly in breach if your agreement with our clients and in light of the inconvenience, delay and losses incurred by our clients, they no longer wish to utilize your services.
Our clients expect a full refund for the total amount of £4200 by no later than 4pm on 9 December 2013.
Please note that if a response to our correspondence is not forthcoming within the next seven days, we shall advise our clients to issue proceedings in this matter for the above sum together with additional costs incurred as a result of additional testing carried out by our clients, in instructing another company to design and construct the site and financial loss and inconvenience. We shall proceed to recover the costs of and incidental to proceeding to litigation directly from you.
We look forward to receiving your confirmation to the above as soon as possible.
Yours Faithfully

07 February 2014

Reply from Neotericuk

Dear Reviewer

It is very unfair to post a review like this when Neoterics website team have provided the website EXACTLY to the specification that was originally agreed and signed from yourself. You yourself accepted and signed off the design work IN under 6 WEEKS. The full development was completed in 4 MONTHS.

Since then all we have received is changes and additions which were not part of the original specification and refusal to make the final outstanding payment.

We will not be bullied into threats of bad reviews, because you are not willing to pay for the additional development work. The website is complete as per specification and our original agreement.

Please if anyone has any doubts, feel free to contact Neoteric and ask for the Sales Manager.


Paypal Has Unethical and Unreasonable practices

In February 2011 PayPal decided to place my account on Limitation giving me limited access and I was asked to provide my up to date financials before they would consider releasing access to my funds. Eventually after much persuasion and information provided by myself they finally to release my funds but would keep 20% of all my transactions for 90 days. As you can appreciate for some small business like mine this was a large dent in my cash flow and therefore I decided to remove the PayPal logo and payment method from my website. However I had no choice but to leave it on eBay as this was the only form of payment that I could take for eBay customers. Just for your information I averaged around £60,000 per month in transactions through PayPal. There were thousands of customers whose accounts were placed on a reserve and limitation. Basically they wanted to sit tight on others hard earned money and earn interest.

As a business we continued in this manner for over one year just for our E bay account and in October of last year I received a call from one of Pay pals sales Managers called David Devereux to consider using PayPal as a payment method on our website once again. I was very reluctant to do so due to the previous stress and issues that we had with pay pal. He confirmed to me that he would have the reserves limitation placed on the account removed and let’s enjoy the good partnership between us once again. Furthermore he informed me that he would ad a sum of £500 to our PayPal account as an incentive for moving back to PayPal.

Eventually we agreed to David Devereux persistency and confirmed to him that we would offer PayPal as an alternativeoptional method of payment to customers.

In the months of November and December of last year I purchased links using my PayPal account from various shopping directories for the purpose of SEO/marketing for our website. It was found by my marketing manager that these links were poor quality links and would have a negative impact on our marketing strategy. As a customer of PayPal I exercised my right of placing disputes on various companies concerned and asked for a refund for providing inferior services. Some of the disputes placed were refunded back to our PayPal account as the sellers agreed and some of them were being reviewed by PayPal to reach an outcome based on what I had informed them. I informed them the sellers had provided inferior/substitute services.

On The 4th February I called David Devereux to enquire about the £500 incentive that was promised and he told me it had been credited on the 17/1/13. I checked and this was correct. On the 5th February I received a call from business support asking how the account was running and that PayPal was pleased with the turnover we had achieved in the month of January (over £75,000), and if I needed any help with any issues. On the sane day at 12.05am midnight I receive a mail saying my eBay account had been limited as well as my Pay pal account due to suspicious activity. . I immediately telephoned David Devereux the next day expressing my deep concerns. David said he was not aware that my account had been limited. I also spoke to the Business support department only to be spoken in a very rude manner, who told me PayPal have decided to part with us without giving any notice. On the 8th February after many calls made by me to David Devereux, he called me back and informed me PayPal are not willing to reopen my account. I asked him why this was the case as I had not breached any terms of my agreement with them. He didn’t comment.

I am really shocked and disappointed to say the least my account has been closed because I placed disputes against sellers which I had every right to do so as a buyer. I exercised my rights as a buyer through my PayPal account. This is a right I have as a buyer for my protection from the seller. Thousands of other customers fall victim to pay pals illegal practices and experience similar treatment, but are reluctant to pursue against them due to the size of their organisation. However I will pursue this matter in court as a matter of principle.

I have no option but to instigate legal proceedings against PayPal for loss of earnings and profit, not to mention the impact it is having on my business reputation. My eBay account has also been frozen. Customers are unable to pay as PayPal is linked to my eBay account as both companies are one organisation. I have an excellent eBay account which has got a Top rated seller standing but that has now been placed into jeopardy by these dictators. I approached Ebay to understand their position on the whole thing but refused to offer any support and said it would be best that i opened another paypal account and link to my Ebay account. This too has been frozen with over £4000 in there. Paypal tell me they will hold these funds for 180 days and enjoy earning interest on this.

I strongly urge businesses/consumers to think 3 times before using PayPal as a payment gateway. All businesses who entirely rely on Pay pal as means of receiving or making payment are placing their business at risk.

If anyone else has difficulties with Paypal then please email me at so that be can make our voices heard to the public at large and to stay well away from this organisation, who the FSA will not even regulate.


Paypal still has good people in their Organisation

I have had an issue with our paypal account for the last 1 month and several limitations were imposed. These limitations were unreasonable and unjustifiable. In the End I had to take this matter to Senior Management at Paypal head Office who took swift action and resolved it instantly. I think Paypal needs to work more closely with their merchants in order to have a more fruitful relationship. They also need to go through a rigorous campaign to clearly understand their merchants financial standing.

I would be more than happy to assist any business which is currently facing issues with Paypal in reaching an ammicable solution. However your reasons must be genuine and justfiable. Please contact me via my personal website:


Excellent and high reliable sevice at all times

We have been using Marcin from feed optimise for the last 3 months for our feed Management and have been very impressed with the quality of service and response times. Not only do they provide a high quality service but we have found them to be the most competitive in this market of expertise and would have no hesitation to reccomend others.

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