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good price, prompt service

Quite happy with my USB hyperbolic mass purchase. Good price with next day delivery with text messages. One wee gripe is the delivery options. Wish it was possible to arrange for a collection instead of a redelivery option. I think I wouldn't mind paying a few quid to have that option.

Otherwise, highly recommend this website.


Horrible product,overshadowed only by its horrendous customer service

Purchased a clothe hanger for 69 quid a while ago from this company through Ebay. Decided that it was probably worth so if it looks like the picture.

Couldn't be more wrong

The item arrived swiftly, credit should be given for that. But it all goes down hill from then on.

I have a 10 quid clothes hanger than showed better workmanship than the supposed brushed steel with marble base hanger. The hanger was not well fitted, the items were scratched, overall shoddy workmanship.

When i raised the issue directly, i received no response. It was only through Ebay's customer service that i receive a response. I was told to send pictures, which i did promptly. Again, no response. After a week, i decided to seek Ebay's help to return it. Had to bore the cost of sending the the product back.

I only got a response after i left a negative feedback on Ebay. And this was basically the gist of the reply: i was not being reasonable with my feedback, i did not give them enough time to respond, the company will refund my money and let me keep the product if i changed my feedback to a positive one.

Having decided that the product will only be a waste of space, i declined the offer and gave my reasons so. Few more emails came from the company, a gentle reprimand about my decision.

I have a feeling that this is a common practice of the company. Reading the "positive" feedback, i noted a number of faulty products followed up with "excellent" customer service.

Personally, i think it's nothing short of a bribe and that defeats the purpose of a feedback system.

Glasstableandachairs, get your act straight. Even in this age of austerity, a sincere apology would have meant more than the misguided financial carrot stick.


Good value

Was looking for the first Uncharted game online. Got it for less than 10 quid when everywhere else was selling well above that, which was surprising.

However, i notice that the price fluctuates quite a fair deal, and quite fast. The price was initially 14 quid, then 17. Then a while later, 9 quid, all within 3 days. So, good value IF you keep your eye on it. Then again, it's probably the same with other companies.

Fairly swift despatch. Let's hope the delivery is as swift.


Excellent sale and customer service.

Bought a waterRower Club a while ago in August. The item was out of stock and i appreciate the call back on the next working day. Had the option of changing the order but i stick to it because of the free gift.

Customer service was really good. As i live on the 3rd Floor, was initially concerned about bringing it up. Was advised on how to bring it up. So really appreciate it.

Since then bought discounted supplement which arrived on time without fuss.

All in all, good value with great service.

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Ridiculous customer service

if only i have found this site earlier and read the reviews, i would have saved myself so much time, trouble and money.

Bought a Sony 40 inch 3D tv with the 3D bundle on 4th Nov. Was notified that it will reach on the 7th Nov. What a load a crap that was. The TV arrived a week more than that and by i-can't-believe-it's-still-in-operation dastard company named Yodel@HDNL. The 3D glasses,unfortunately did not arrive with it.

I initially gave Direct Tvs the benefit of doubt.Yodel is after all a crap company waiting for final axe sometime in the future. I had the initial apology and the promise of a follow up.

The 4 weeks between the date of purchase and the arrival of the glasses really made me question the integrity of the customer service.

The emessages took quite a while to return with a reply. Calling a few times a week for the 4 weeks would have cost a fair bit. But most annoying is how inconsistent the follow up was. None of the promised call back happened. And i got different stories whenever i called them . I was told they were waiting for a reply from Yodel, then i was told it was reported as lost, subsequently it was referred to a highest level, then i was it was reported to a level higher than the highest level (amusing isn't it?), then i was told it WAS NOT CONFIRMED YET TO BE LOST - AFTER 4 FREAKING WEEKS.

During my final phone call to direct tvs, i basically refused to hang up unless i got a final reply. The lady on the phone eventually linked me to another person who then asked me if i wanted a refund or a replacement in the most blunt, non-apologetic manner.

What dumbfounded me was that a replacement was never offered during the 4 weeks, it was only offered after i basically protested on the phone, and it was given in a most condescending manner.

Given that a previous customer with a transaction of about 2000 pounds got terrible service, maybe i should hushed about my own purchase, that is just close to 1000 pounds.

I have received better customer service from companies selling corkscrew that cost less than 10 pounds.

Will be getting a sound system soon. Guess where i am NOT going to shop for it?

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