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Yodel's tracking service claims that they 'delivered' my parcel at 23.33 on 20 December. Nothing received and I doubt the courier delivers parcels anywhere other than back to the depot at that time of night! I could accept that, but why hasn't the courier then delivered it the next day, or today at the latest! Impossible to get through on the phone, and customer service at the company I bought the item from said "they're pretty useless aren't they"! I got the impression the poor guy has been fielding alot of enquiries from angry customers. At least he said he will contact Yodel on my behalf and get back to me early this evening. At a time when companies should be going the extra mile to get (and keep) customers, Yodel seem hell-bent on going out of business.

UPDATE: The retailer carried out an investigation and was informed that the courier had left the parcel in the porch at my parent's home. All very well, except they live in a terraced street and there's not a house in their area that has a porch! The retailer immediately reimbursed my credit card, no questions asked. Bye bye Yodel.

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