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Rude and persistant staff, AVOID at all costs

I have heard bad things about Fitness First, but I decided to have a look for myself. On first impressions, Fitness First seemed very basic. Truth be told they were renovating some areas, but still it seemed quite subpar. I enquired about membership details, and was briefed by one of the staff. I wasn't shown around the area for some reason, so the actual conditions and facilities remained a mystery to me. Since I would soon be travelling abroad, I decided to hand over my contact details to them for more information about membership in the future, which turned out to be my biggest mistake.

Fast forward a week later, I was packing for holiday when my phone rang. Turned out to be someone from Fitness First who sounded just like Ali G (rudeboy accent?) who wanted to talk more about the membership I enquired about. I politely told him that I was currently busy packing for holiday and would like to talk more about this when I return to the UK, however he was not willing to accept this and continued to talk about the membership plan. I then politely told him a second time that I was busy packing, to which he rudely hung up on me mid sentence, which I have to say really irritated me. 30 minutes later, my phone blared at me again, another person from Fitness First with the same intentions. Whilst he wasn't as rude as the previous person, it was at this point I ended up blocking the phone number from contacting me directly ever again. Will I ever get to finish packing today?? I could imagine a queue of Fitness First staff just waiting to turn my phone into a Christmas tree. Never again will I want to associate with Fitness First and their etiquettes, like a bunch of obnoxious school kids waiting in line at a sweet shop to pester the cashier.

In short, I really CANNOT recommend Fitness First to anyone and would advise people to NOT even bother enquiring about joining. If the staff are that rude and persistent to a potential curious new member to their gym, I dread to think the treatment I will receive upon becoming an actual member, and that's forgetting all the bad stories I've heard.

Cult Pens

Easy to navigate site, massive range of drawing utensils, very informative and helpful, free delivery over £10

I was looking for a decent mechanical pencil for drawing and came across a particular brand I liked (Staedtler 925 25 to be exact), so off to Google it was, and Cult Pens was the first answer to pop up. What striked me first was the presentation as everything is clean, very fast loading and extremely easy to navigate, you will have no problem whatsoever finding exactly what you want within a few seconds as everything is organised into subsections, instead of being bunched up together like most other sites do. There is plenty of information about their products, and in some cases a drop down menu to specify different colours, lead sizes, quantity, etc. Fantastic! Also there is a "Pencyclopedia," a section devoted to EVERYTHING about pens and pencils, all the fancy technical do-das and what pen is best for what purpose. The information I found was extremely useful and helped me not only decide on my purchase, but reassure me these people are passionate about pens and aren't in it soley for the money. Oh and of course there is a MASSIVE range of pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, leads and stuff from many different companies and perhaps even a rare item or two.
Plus free UK delivery on orders over £10, how could one refuse! I didn't, and I recieved my mechanical pencil next day, plus a free gift to boot. Very happy about my experience with them.

It's very rare I'd buy from a site without reading a review about them first, but I made an exception with Cult Pens within 10 minutes of browsing and wasn't dissapointed. Clean easy to navigate site, MASSIVE range of drawing utensils, the Pencyclopedia explaining everything about pens and pencils, and the feeling that these people are here to help and not to clean out your wallet.

Only thing I think could be improved is have the Pencyclopedia section easier to find for newcomers, perhaps listed clearly on the home page, apart from that everything else is perfect.


First and last time, ever

Chiquitos has to be the worst dining experience I've ever had. Having never eaten there before, I was excited to try out their menu, but my eagerness soon turned to utter dissapointment. First and last time I'll ever go there.

Upon arriving at the entrance, we were looked at by the passing staff, but not spoken to or acknowledged, which was very strange. When we were finally allowed to sit down in one of the darkened corners of the restaurant, the staff member took his sweet time in finding menus for us, which actually was just the beginning of this painfully slow service.
You'd think ordering a simple beverage would be as simple as either opening a can or filling the glass up from a dispenser. No idea what the staff were doing as the drinks took around 5 minutes to arrive which probaly isn't that long to wait... had it not been us as 1 of the only 3 tables occupied in the entire restaurant. The starters took 20 minutes to arrive, and the nacho-things we ordered where actually moist and tasted stale, and it was barely warm and didn't taste great. It was at this point when I realised I needed to get out of here, but we still waited for the rest of our meal. As for the main course, it took a good 40 or so minutes to arrive. And even then, it wasn't even hot, just luke warm. Infact I stuck my fingers in it and took a photo to post on my Facebook to share my experiences with my friends, which prompted them to also reveal they had bad experiences eating at Chiquitos. The restaurant is not even busy and I have no idea what the chefs in the kitchen are doing, but a bunch of meatballs and some rice surely can't take that long to cook?
sure enough, we weren't the only ones suffering, as another table near us was complaining about the service. I couldn't be bothered to complain, having worked a mean shift earlier and not in the mood for confrontation. Well, thank god it all came to an end and as I left, I muttered "I can't wait to get out of here" to one of the tables as we were leaving. Last time I ever set foot in any of their branches.

Being involved in the food industry myself (just as a regular chef mind you, not a managerial expert so don't think I'm a know-it-all), I can't help but mention that there are so many things wrong with Chiquitos, especially with the professionalism of the staff, I'm baffled they still remain in business. Unfortunately the experience was so bad I started using the Chiquitos word to describe things I dislike, albeit with slightly mispelt letters to rhyme with a certain naughty word. I'd definately recommend to everyone to AVOID Chiquitos at all cost to prevent utter dissapointment and a waste of money. Like I said, first and last time I'll go there.


Fantastic & highly recommended!!!

I've brought from Shopto.net a fair few times, it was highly recommended by a friend and I can see why. Free P&P and decent prices compared to retail shop prices, plus fast delivery and excellent customer service.

One time the postman nicked my game, and I emailed Shopto.net for a replacement, and I got a reply within the hour and it was all dealt with the very same day I emailed, which I thought was brilliant. Just thought I'd point that out as most companies take an aeon and a half to reply emails (if at all) so I do really apprecieate the support staff getting back to me quickly and professionally. Thanks alot :D

I'd highly recommend Shopto.net if you're doing your shopping online, they also do alot of deals from time to time, and they got a loyalty system (which I have yet to venture into).

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