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Horrible!!!!! Serious Warning!

I have had such a bad time with lipsy!
so annoyed!

Cant even begin..

worst customer service.
goes in one ear- out the other

First- I could not even figure out how to call them from the United States- as their website does not even provide the area codes needed for people out of the country (yet the sell to us!!) - so I had to use other websites and resources to even figure out how to get them on the phone!!

Then for my purchase-

I bought this blouse and
four days later the same top is on sell-
i get a hold of them to tell them this is unfair-

and them I learn I have to PAY to return the top (obviously not cheap when coming going from US to UK) and re purchase the top on sell!

like seriously- no other website would do that.
It has not even been a week- they should give me the sell price.

After this annoyance-
I searched lipsy reviews on google-

and came across the most recent reviews that were all NEGATIVE.
Others were even asking "why is lipsy customer service so bad"

Wouldn't you think lipsy would learn to treat their customers better?!

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