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Run run run

i ordered one box of shuttlecocks, golf tees, 4 badmiton racquets, 2 swim caps and 2 small pocket stunguns. Shipping was 16.99. I thought that was high considering some companies offer it for FREE. Then they call me and ask for $27 more dollars in shipping because apparently they are the middle man and these items are from all over. They said they had shipped everything but the stun guns. I asked where they were shipping from. They said NC...well i live in NC..these items total would not weigh over 5 or 6 pounds...not at all $47 dollars in shipping! I added to my order to get the free shipping but only to find out it was not free. We will see if I ever get anything in the mail. I have argued with them all night and they keep calling back with lots of odd noises in the background like it is in someone's home. The asian girl keeps saying she will check with her shipping manager. She waived the charges twice only to call back and tell us we have to pay them. HOw agrivating! She also says we cannot cancel because everything has shipped except the stun guns which is what I wanted in the first place.

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