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I had a screen cracked on my HTC phone and I took it to a local repair shop because I didn't think much of HTC's repair process - sending the phone in mail, they fix it and send it back. The problem is that there was later another damage, unrelated to the screen, that no local store could fix and I had to mail the phone to HTC. I don't know if that is an industry standard these days, but HTC mail-in repair center (the only HTC-approved repair store in US!) insists on replacing parts installed previously by the third parties - the screen in my case, unrelated to the necessary repair, before doing the repair for which you send the phone to them. Needless to say, they charge you for it. The only other option is to pay the "triage fee" for basically looking at the phone, telling you what you already know and sending it back. Can't talk to any technical person, either, to maybe try to give some sense to this (perhaps there is a reason for changing the part that worked fine for months, but at the very least I want to be explained why); basically you can only talk to customer support who don't know much and just repeat what they were told to say. I will never buy an HTC product again because of this inadequate repair service and customer support - shame, because I think their phones are not bad at all.

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