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Text Santa and at the same time call an ambulance

The show sounds good.. How can you have 'preferential' tickets and still not get in? Simple...Applause store cannot count, their security is ineffectual and their attitude pathetic.
So thanks for the 'Free preferntial tickets' (Preferential because of the right royal pissing around we had on a previous occassion)
Thanks for the opportunity to spend a lot of money we can ill afford on train tickets to arrive early and still not get in.
Thanks for the disappointment etched on children's faces in the freezing cold.
Thanks for the pleurisy...
Dear Applause Store make your New Year Resolution to change your management or close your doors...You are as much use as a handbrake on a canoe!
Merry Christmas

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T MacGuire
Male, 1962
Portsmouth, United Kingdom