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Addictive and could be fantastic or a complete disappointment

I regulary sell un-wanted items on ebay and buy bits and pieces too, but you must be very careful with "designer items" as there are so many fakes; everything from bags to make-up!!! You can go by the seller reviews on ebay; but NOTE ebay do not make it easy to give a bad review and often I have sold an item and the buyer has never paid for it and they do not let you give a buyer a bad review which is most unfair, you can ''open a case" but nothing ever really comes of this.
A lot of people buying on ebay do want something for nothing so for me personally it cannot be used as making money as people expect to pay a lot less then what they would in the shops, however, if you have an item sitting around your house it is a way of earning a bit of pocket money on that item...but do be aware that ebay do take a hefty proportion for themselves also.
Some of my best buys this year have been a beautiful soft DKNY jumper which I got for a fraction of what I imagined it would cost and a hand knitted Thomas pullover for my son.
If you are selling designer items such as Diesel - these will nearly always sell (but again for a quarter of what it would cost in the shops). In a sentance; ebay is like gambling, it is addictive for buying and selling and you can get some really good buys or loose out....I am an addict though!!!


Would recommend

I was so suprised to recieve the photo keyrings I had ordered so quickly in the Christmas post. The Key rings were lovely little stocking fillers and photo's and text was captured on both nicely. I would use these guys again and would recommend them.

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