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They cut off my father's phone for non-payment when he had just come out of hospital. He died at home alone 4 days later, unable to use his community alarm because his phone was cut off. I had contacted them but they would do nothing on my say-so, wanted to hear from an ill 81 year-old. My dad was a decorated WW2 veteran with a heart of gold, but they didn't care

(Social worker and home care manager plus NHS also at fault, but that does not excuse BT.)


Good, could be better

You lost out badly on the time the fire alarms went and I had to go outside, then you unloaded my trolley. I had a broken arm at the time and it had taken half the morning to load it.
Quality of the coffee in your cafe has dropped dramatically, but you still stock some of the best ground coffee around. (your Mocha Limu is fantastic!)
Don't like having coin operated small trolleys while the big ones don't need a coin. ?????
Most of all your queues after 10pm with only one check-out operator working (Edinburgh Jewel)
Your veggie options are good right now - please don't withdraw them.
Know you can't maybe solve it, but why do you attract massive customers with trolleys laden with junk food and huge loaves of bread?


Not good

If this is the courier group, their service is poor and their staff couldn't care less.


Pretty good

I use 3 for broadband on my laptop. Generally great service - good, good coverage, but their back-up lines are not so great.
I got talked into taking a contract for much more than I need and they wouldn't consider changing.
I'll probably stay with them when present contract expires, I use my laptop for teaching in lots of places and I've been able to get a service most places I have travelled, which is what I need.

Tescomobile Freesim

the BEST! the BEST! the BEST!

Been with them since 2006, never a problem. good rate, brilliant coverage - even in the wilds of Maasailand in Tanzania while filming academic stuff, Kenya, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Scottish Highlands - only failed at Wanlockhead - highest village in Scotland, but nothing works there!

Fully, Fully recommend! enjoy!

T Mobile


Was with them for a long time. Not currently with them because current mobile came with something else loaded, no other reason.



I bought a Dell laptop as I'd had good experiences with Dell in the workplace. Took forever to arrive and impossible to track effectively - seemed to be lost for weeks. All the names and contacts I was given were never to be heard of again. Their info was out of date, the delivery company had moved their base 2 years before and told Dell many times, but Dell kept giving me the old address. Spent hours and hours on phone lines, being cut off, told garbage, etc.
Warning: Dell assumes you have internet access, which I didn't have till I GOT the laptop!!


The worst.

Used to give me a really hard time because I wouldn't set up a direct debit. If my bill wasn't paid the day it was written I was blamed for late payment.

Finally, over 6 months after I left them they twice used my debit card details to take money from my account - "BY MISTAKE". They did return it, but WHY WERE THEY RETAINING MY CARD DETAILS?????



Generally a fan!

Great search engine but now trying to rule the world and that makes me suspicious.
I use it a lot, also gmail. Being invited on to gmail by an Italian colleague saved me when I was overseas with my work and my company e-mail locked me out!!!
Recently not so happy with gmail, and always a pain to print from or save from. Hate to say it but explorer's favourites is much more user friendly.


Good bread, rest average

Bread is best around, some fruit and veg good. Not good on veggie food. Recent shelf rearrangement has been a pain, no logic to it, just wasting my time. Prewrapped cheese is a rip-off compared to the cheeses counter.
Often have good deals on alcohol, but I don't drink much.
Cafe is handy, some branches better than others. They have at last managed to stop the fresh coffee overflowing the cups but he flavour is not as good as it was.
Great strong bags - especially the ones with apples on them - bring more please!



I had £35 in vouchers for years, and couldn't find anything to buy. Finally bought trousers but your lengths are different to everyone else ?????? -- 29in, 31 in and Normal, why are yours 28, 30, 32. I chucked them out in the end.
Don't know what people see in their produce. Sainsbury's clothing is better and all the supermarkets have better food - is it just a snob thing?

Also cafes (I've tried two) are pretty dire. Coffee is tasteless and couldn't find anything worth eating - ok I'm vegetarian, but even the snacks and cookies were unappealing. Tesco, Asda and Morrisons all do cafes better.


best supermarket

Only shop able to help me with shopping to suit my allergies - I received a wad of print-outs listing all the suitable items and lots of info on understanding their labelling.
They are not perfect on other things and have stopped some of the items I like, but generally a much better shopping experience than any of the other big chains.
Tell Sainsbury that if they chase me out at 10pm once more, it's the last time they will see me and tell both Sainsbury and Asda that the reason I go to Tesco has little to do with price, everything to do with customer service.
...and Tesco's self-service check-outs are MUCH better than Sainsbury, Asda and Morrisons in that order, Morrisons being by far the worst!



Failed me completely. I have a perfect 100%rating after over 700 transactions but they believe a seller who failed to deliver hence I lose £230 and repeatedly close my case.


lousy lousy lousy service

Ridiculous. They first uplifted my parcel in November - failed to deliver but claimed they put a card through my door -THEY DID NOT, I HAVE A METAL MAIL BOX, NOTHING GETS LOST. I had to pay the sender to send again. Next uplifted on 16th Dec - now they claim they delivered on 17th to my workplace - nothing but lies!!! After hours of fruitless calls and e-mails I went to their depot. Manager there admits that they accidentally loaded it with Amazon returns, but their tracking continued to claim they delivered to be. Ebay (where it was unfortunately bought :- Customer protection - don't make me laugh) says because Yodel tracking shows it was delivered, I must be lying so they repeatedly close my case. This item is antique, rare, irreplaceable, fragile, lost! I am £230 out of pocket with no hope of making a claim. I'm going to police.

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