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T Mobile

If you could give minus star rating I would!!!!!

Customer service is NOT in the vocabulary of T-Mobile uk. For starters you have to dial 150 (which is free) - just as well as you will go round forever in circles trying to actually talk to anyone (quick tip try hitting the option to leave t-mobile you usually get someone in the UK very quickly). Sometimes they are helpful other times less so but better than the usual non-uk call centres you get the rest of the time.
The non uk call centres are worst than useless as they know how ever much you complain the chances of their having to deal with you again are remote.
Handset repair service is awful - 2 BB less than 3 months old went wrong and it took a month to 6 weeks to get new ones back. They just swap them, don't even try to repair, but still take them away and leave you with a very basic (if you are lucky) replacement and charge you full contract fee. Had a HTc wildfire on contract too - after going wrong 3 times in as many months I sold it but like other reviewers still stuck with the contract.
Also they have some very dodgy 'small print' too - they have an ever growing list of 'non standard' mobile numbers. Basically those belonging to small companies not part of the big 5. If you text or call these numbers you'll be charged 25p a minute/text regardless of your call allowance and you don't even know they're non standard till the bills come through as they all start 07 - which most people automatically assume are ordinary mobile numbers.
At the end of the day they don't care as you are stuck in your contract and they get their money anyway.


Possibly worst ever for customer service

Don't get me wrong when your products are working Virgin are great, but if you get a fault look forward to 30-45 minutes wait only to get through to a non uk call centre who's usual remedy (after asking you to re-boot whichever system it is). is to book an engineer or tell you there is a fault which they know about but don't know when it will be fixed. Ring again in a couple of days if it's still not working. And don't even think about trying to complain - will get you no where apart from even more frustrated.


Filled incorrect prescription

I signed up for a recurring order for my pet, but when the renewal time came around found I needed a new prescripton each time (not Petmeds fault but wouldn't have ticked the box if I'd realised this as it makes it pointless)
Anyhow vet gave me a prescription for double the number of pills, so I placed a new order and duly sent off new prescription clearly marked with the new order number on envelope AND prescription.
However the order arrived with only the amount of pils in the recurring order not the amount stated on the prescription or on the new order. My vet is unlikely to give me a new prescription as the old one should last 3 months and even if he does will charge me for a new prescription leaving me out of pocket.
I then find it's impossible to ring the company and can only contact by very limited email proforma.


Weirdly wonderful

Really fast delivery, great service. Bought the medium for collies/labradors etc., but it's actually massive and oddly not oval shaped but a weird random shape - not sure if it's supposed to be like that! However dog loves it.

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