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Alright... but

they're ok, but I enquired about 'anytime upgrade' and was sent an email saying I was able to have it, but ring the phoneline to sort.... rang phone line...they said I wasn't entitled... someone, somewhere isn't very familiar with their products and services! Very disappointing


Good, but...

Good company and customer service...but don't always add on your voucher from previous 10% shop guarantee



excellent for giving all legal info... need to sort out their pricing and pay as a one off instead of credits..

National Lottery

Always use it

always use it to check results... just wonder if a cashier checked and it came up with all the winning numbers if they would give the ticket back!?

Pauls Hair-world

Good website, bad sales people & overpriced products

Good website, but sales people in their shops are really bad and rude. Very unhelpful. I shopped with them for years, putting up with the awful staff until I found the same products with other people at half the price


limited website and sales teams are a total pain in the backside. Once enquired about advertising and now they won't leave me alone



these people are geniuses! Celeb copies at cheap money! Was happy to find their site after I'd paid 3x the price in a 'boutique' for their products!!!!



Used to love this site, but does anyone use it anymore?! Shame they couldn't keep up with Facebook..wonder where it went wrong?!



actually wonderful! Ordered a star for a friend who got it on time, a month later they delivered another, 2 months later another, 4 months later another until she had 5 stars!!!!!!

They'd not charged me, and when I told them they apologised and told me to throw away the extra ones.. not that she did.

Next time I'm ordering a ferrari!

26 January 2012

Reply from Buyagift

Result! ;-)

Whoops, not too sure how that one happened! Sorry (I guess) for the error! We hope they were happy with a whole family of stars in the sky!

We'll be looking out for multiple Ferrari orders now MrsD!

Best wishes,

Hayley & The Buyagift Team



wonderful, ingenious invention but stop messing with it for a bit will you!!!


Easy to use

Very easy to use, but still needs a bit more streamlining, and they're now a bit expensive compared to other providers. I'd use them all the time if they sorted their pricing out



these people are simply geniuses! My daughter had lots of bears, but never one she specifically loved... She got one from here and because of the process where she made him, she never leaves anywhere without him!!!!! It's amazing... he's now off to get a girlfriend after xmas, is getting married in March, will have a baby on her birthday and the life of this bear goes on! Not to mention his furniture!!!!!


waste of time

they never have codes I want, when they do they're out of date

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Ordered 13 parcels this month... only 5 came on time

I did ALL christmas shopping online this year... two of my main stores I shop with use these people... In total I placed 13 orders, and only 5 came on time!!!! Worst was a week late, and only just arrived the last day before xmas! Pain in the backside


A total waste of time

They used to be the place to go to if you wanted a last minute holiday.... but now they're just as, if not more expensive than a travel agent. Total waste of time. Limited hotels etc too!

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Easy to use, but..

easy to use, I booked with them and then found the room £25 cheaper elsewhere... Luckily the hotel refunded the difference.

I do like this company, but...

It's a great concept..but, a few years ago they offered really good discounts on rooms. Which is why they set up and their whole marketing campaign. Now they don't really offer any discount. I use it to search hotels in the area... I have found better discounts on other sites... It also has limited hotels and b&b's...considering i tried to register my BandB and they said I was out of their limit, even though the place down the road is on the site only 3 miles away! They should accept everyone and go back to offering discounted rooms.

Just Eat

Great concept..but...

I love the concept of this website... although when I in put my postcode it comes up with 4 takeaways that will deliver, when I tried to place an order they rejected it saying I was too far away... Need more people to sign up to give a better variety and quality of outlets.

28 December 2011

Reply from

Hello MrsD,

Thank you for your review. I am pleased you find the Just Eat concept convenient. We would love to offer a greater choice of restaurants delivering to your area and please be assured we are continuing to partner with new restaurants all over the UK. Unfortunately a restaurant may decline an order if they feel you live in a particularly far away or difficult to reach part of a postcode. I am sorry your order was declined on that occasion and apologise for any inconvenience.
If you have any favourite restaurants you would like to see on Just Eat we would be very grateful for your suggestion via this link: I hope you will check back in the future.

Kind regards,

Ruby Smith
Just Eat Social Media




Substituted an alcoholic beverage for one of a lesser quality, which if I'd of bought elsewhere would have been £8 cheaper... told me I could take it back to the store, which considering i was having a party and the order turned up 1 hour before was totally un realistic. Offered no compensation, said he would inform the store and that was it! Never ordering from them again


good but a bit dizzy

shipping can be delayed... which is frustrating. CS don't know a great deal. Pestered me for 96p when I'd set up direct debit which they accidentally cancelled - damaging my credit score! Said they would give me £20 as compensation, and didn't! Not impressed...


Funny company, but great CS

You have to give it to them...they have cheap products. Not terrible quality... and when they didn't send all my quantity of some invites this week they refunded delivery and sent them all out again with rush shipping. No quibbles at all.



Bought a video camera, it was faulty. They said send back and order a new one. Sent back, ordered a new one. They sent old one back repaired. Then end up with two cameras! 2nd camera failed, exactly the same problem as the first..... they said to order a new one again and send back....repaired 1st camera then failed again.... same problem... sent both back, bought another completely different camera.... They then sent both faulty cameras back, unfixed and said I'd left a wire out of each one, they refused to repair them again and refused to give me my money back...both were under 2 months old!!!.... Now stuck with 2 faulty cameras worth a few hundred pounds!!! Great eh!

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