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TrustPilot pricing information not published on their web page

how can a web company in 2011 offer a service but fail to provide any information about pricing on their web page? That's just not very customer-service friendly.

Can someone please reply to this post with the monthly or yearly fee you are paying for TrustPilot?

30 December 2011

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Max

Thanks for your review,

We appreciate the fact you are interested in our service and prices, and our team are very transparent regarding this.

The Trustpilot solution is not a single tangible off the shelve product, but rather it is a tailor made packaged solution to match your business needs as best as possible. Due to the fact that not every business is the same, or has the same needs we offer different packages and offer fair prices accordingly.

We do however understand that the prices need to be displayed and as such a new page is being created shortly on our business section which will be online soon. This will give a better indication of costs start from.

Please feel free to contact a sales representative on 0800 011 2340/ who will be more than happy to assess your business requirements and give you an a idea of the what the price would be after the free trial period.

Best regards
Trustpilot support

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