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Sony PC100E video camera - disappointing

Bought one of these about ten years ago so have had plenty of time to review.

Product was initially good, but it went wrong after 5.5 years and we had to send it back for a fixed price repair at £70.

They repaired and returned it but it developed the same fault 4 months later after less than an hour of use. Initially they wanted another £70 to repair but we sent it in and they diagnosed that the initial repair was incorrectly diagnosed adn after a lot of fuss they fixed it free.

It took a lot of time and we spoke to the head of customer compaints in Wales.

Up to this point they we not interested at all.

I used to buy Sony all the time but not any more. this is the fifth expensive Sony item I have bought and they have all gone wrong with the exception of the Trinitron TV which is still going striong after 20 years.

the rest all went wrong in around 3 to 5 years and were uneconomical to fix.

Not what you expect from a company that charges a premium for its products.


mu 720 SW - great little item

bought one of these waterproof compact camera's and have been very pleased with it.
Also used to own it's predecessor which wouldn't accept a 1GB card. We phoned olympus UK and they said that we had an old version and only the latest version would take a 1GB card (our max. was 250MB).

They offered to upgrade the software free of charge if we sent it to them.

We also got to dial a proper telephone number and speak to someone who spoke english......great result.


I Love Dyson

Bought a Dyson (DC8 I think) and have beeen very much impressed with both the product and the customer service.

Customer Services sent me spare parts through the post without question when it was 4.5 years old, and they were open 7 days a week til 10 at night.

They were polite and helpful throughout, and the part arrived in 2 days.

Would definitely buy from them again. What a great product, what a great company.


A truly inefficicient company with no awareness of the law

We ordered a new car with extra's but the extra's we ordered were not delivered and they tried to fob us off.
We rejected the car which they say is our right and they hold that out there as a confidence booster for potential buyers that might be unsure about buying over the internet.

However, when we rejected the car citing both their breach of contract, and also under the distance selling regulations which afford us the right to return goods without reason they would not accept either and kicked up a fuss.

We gave them to chance to remedy but again they offered very little so we made them take the car away.

They refused return of deposit, and we later obtained a refund of our deposit through Barclaycard who found in our favour.

Would advise reading the small print of their contract, and insisting on a concise answer to any questions this may raise.

If you want a car with extra's be very careful to cross your 'T's' and dot your 'I's' before using Autofinders!!! Pursue them agressively to answer your questions and properly clarify what sort of extra's, who will fit them, and ask for a main dealers warranty inclusive receipt.

Mattress Next Day

Product looks good at first sight and delivered quickly albeit in three days

Product looks good at first sight and delivered quickly albeit in three days. we ordered mainly based on the next day delivery promise but having ordered on a Saturday morning, once the payment was taken the delivery confirmation informed us that Delivery would be o tuesday which was a little disappointing.

Product looks good although not possible to say how good until it has been used for some time. Matress was well protected with two layers of thick plastic, and was delivered on the Tuesday as stated.

Pleased so far.

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