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The Wool Company

Wonderful product at a great price.

I ordered the knitted cushion covers and they came very quickly. They are fantastic for the price, just as good as the ones I saw in a well known luxury store for £45 each and these were less than half the price.
One little point to mention, in the heading you list them as CUSHIONS although to be fair in the detail you do say cushion covers. I ordered them in a hurry (stressed from too much Christmas shopping and tired of trawling the internet!) and was expecting cushions. As it happens I was happy with what I got, I only really wanted the covers anyway as they are easier to wrap and we already have pads. However perhaps a clearer heading may prevent someone else making a mistake though.


Generally good

The prices are good and they always stock the cat food we find difficult to get anywhere else. The goods normally arrive very quickly. I did have one order for worming tablets outstanding for many weeks. I think they forgot to send it, I forgot I hadn't had it, however once I contacted them it was sorted out quickly.

We Buy Books

Fastest service I have ever received!

If you just want to clear books out because you need the space this is definitely the place to go. You probably won't make a lot of money but you won't at a car boot sale either and you can do this in the comfort of your own home. It's really quick & easy to do.
I was astounded that I posted 31 books at 4.45pm on Tuesday and the money was in my bank on Thursday!
I found that only about 25% of the books I had were wanted but that was OK, I was satisfied with the offer I got for those and happily gave the rest to charity.
I would say that if you get a good offer on a particular book it might be worth checking out what it's going for on eBay before you let it go. I did this with three of the books in my latest batch and think they may be worth a great deal more than my offer so am going to give that a go first. As I say it really depends whether space or money are most important to you.
One last thing - although the postage is pre-paid you do have to take them to a Post Office. A similar website, dealing in CD's sends a courier to collect the goods - that would have been handy as it was a two person job to carry the books.
All in all I do recommend this company and I will be using them again soon.


So they use Yodel do they?

Read bad reports of Yodel in the press last weekend:( I ordered a DVD set for Zavvi and they took well over a week to actually dispatch it, then even when they did, delivery took another 8 days. What really annoyed me was Zavvi's so called 'customer service'. They will not do a thing to help until the parcel has been missing for 10 days - this would have taken me to 2 days before Christmas when it would have been too late for me to find a replacement. I pointed out that had they sent the item out faster then I would have had 10 days to play with but since they had taken to long I was now basically 'stuffed' if it didn't arrive. They told me which day to phone again & I asked what they would be able to do about it. They said they would still be able to get me one in time for Christmas GUARANTEED - yeah right!!!! I fired off an email to Zavvi reminding them they had GUARANTEED that my item would arrive in time for Christmas, just as I pressed send, the doorbell rang and there was my parcel - ooops! Still not very impressed though, quicker response in the first place, using a reliable delivery company & more helpful customer service would have saved me a lot of stress.

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