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The Fastest Collection-Delivery Time EVER! TNT

This is an excerpt of an email I sent to Postage Supermarket having booked a service by TNT via their website:

I booked the TNT Global Express service with yourselves on Monday 26/11/12, it was collected Tuesday and delivered about 21 hours later, and all that from UK to Estonia door to door!

I just wanted you to know that. Someone either put a rocket under TNT's backside or else this has to be the fasted scheduled delivery time ever!

What can I say? Thank you. Maybe you can pass this onto your TNT agent.

Here is the tracking timeline:

28 Nov 2012 16:34:00 Tallinn Shipment Delivered In Good Condition.
28 Nov 2012 11:03:00 Tallinn Out For Delivery.
28 Nov 2012 10:02:18 Tallinn Shipment Received At Destination Depot.
28 Nov 2012 03:12:24 Liege Euro Hub Shipment In Transit.
28 Nov 2012 02:09:32 Liege Euro Hub Shipment Received At Transit Point.
27 Nov 2012 22:13:00 East Midlands Airport Shipment Received At Transit Point.
27 Nov 2012 21:13:59 East Midlands Airport Shipment In Transit.
27 Nov 2012 21:12:27 East Midlands Airport Shipment Received At Transit Point.
27 Nov 2012 19:19:00 Liverpool Shipment In Transit.
27 Nov 2012 19:02:58 Liverpool Shipment In Transit.
27 Nov 2012 19:02:51 Liverpool Shipment Received At Origin Depot.

FYI, there is a promo code for Postage Supermarket should you decide to book via them, so enter it when making payment: CHRISTMAS


Simple, easy and excellent value for money

The Post Office only offer a few services, and anything over 2kg gets very expensive, especially coupled with high value goods, so I looked for an alternative and tripped over Interparcel. I've been using them now for a few years, and the cost, service, booking and customer support is first class. I've found UPS to be the most efficient cost effective courier for my needs, and frankly anyone who needs a reliable carrier for your heavy, high value goods would do a lot worse than booking a service via Interparcel. It's possibly one the greatest intermediary service providers that hasn't been discovered by the great unwashed, but I have nothing but praise for them, and the booking process is very easy. I decided to become an account holder so that making bookings became a much simpler affair with only a few mouse clicks, and confirmation is almost instant. Everyone should be using them instead of that outdated method whereby you queue for ages and don't even get online tracking, plus you pay a fortune for the privilege, whereas using the Interparcel method, you don't have to leave your home as parcels are collected (at least with UPS or FedEx they are). Everyone should be using them, and leave the outdated, over-priced and God help you if you have to make a claim method well alone!


It's a no-brainer, but check first!

If you've found any item on either the Comet or PC World websites, cross-reference with Dixons-Online as if in my experience on several occasions, the Dixons price is usually cheaper. Why . . I don't know seeing as they're all the same company, but I digress.

Usually there are discount codes to be found, and if you have a Topcashback account, you'll make additional savings by clicking through them first which then takes you to the Dixons website and the transaction is then recorded and you'll get a percentage rebate in due course if you buy online.

The delivery chaps are very good and take away the packaging and before you sign-off the delivery, check the item first for any damage in transit (it's a standard practice which most of us fail to do).

I've not yet had any bad experiences buying from them and they will also text you a delivery slot the night before at around 9pm as well as email confirmation of the order.

Customer service via email is usually within 24 hours if you have a question or query, so thumbs-up from me and be sure to check the Currys/PC World discount outlet shop on eBay as well (I've not yet checked to see if Dixons have one) as some of the prices are unbelievably cheap depending on what you're looking for, so that's another option to consider.

All-in-all, an excellent company with very competitive pricing depending on what you're looking for with prompt and courteous delivery and good online customer support.

Nuff said!


Superfast broadband with some nice extras

I have all 3 services from Virginmedia, but the overall cost can be beaten by some margin. Unfortunately their telephone service is very limited compared to other telecoms companies, but their cable broadband is right on the money in terms of speed.

With regards to their TV service, believe me when I tell you you need the Samsung decoder box (or regular Virginmedia box developed a fault and was replaced with this model) as it provides 1080P HD as opposed to the standard Virginmedia box which is either 1080i or 720P and it makes a BIG difference to the image quality on screen and to your viewing enjoyment as the TV image is so much sharper and clearer. As Sky have the monopoly on most HDTV programmes, Virginmedia's HDTV channels aren't quite as extensive, but I'm sure more will come on-stream in due course.

Their customer support is first class, and don't forget to check with, and click through the Topcashback website first as you'll likely find MEGA introductory discounts on offer if you sign-up online.

I'll likely be changing my telecoms provider, but keep the TV and broadband service. Pricewise, it's somewhat more expensive as an overall 3 part package, and additional savings with better features can be had (such as free evening and weekend calls) as their telecoms tariffs aren't as competitive as other providers.

One bugbear is that I often experience loss of phone and broadband services for reasons 'unkown', and no rebate is offered for this should it last a day or two which I think is unfair due to the fact that you're paying for services that aren't being received! Virginmedia, please take note!

Overall they are an excellent outfit, but limited to what they can offer, though still get 5* from me notwithstanding the issues experienced and the cheaper alternative telecoms providers with superior options.


It's what internet shopping was designed for

I've been using Topcashback (TCB) for several years now and have saved hundreds of GBP £'s for online purchases from low value items on eBay to much higher value items such as flight tickets. It's free to sign-up for an account and once you've found an item on any e-tailers website (this includes eBay), check the TCB website to see if the e-tailer is listed and also research for any additional discount codes. Not all listed e-tailers offer cashback (Amazon for example).

Once done, just click through TCB to your e-tailers website and buy online as normal. It's that simple! Tracking may take up to 24 hours, but if it hasn't shown up on your TCB account, you can enter it manually and TCB will confirm by email and advise when th non-tracked purchase can be activated, though do check to see that it hasn't been trackd before doing so, in which case, cancel the manually input non-tracked listing.

There are no fees unlike Quidco, and over time you will see your savings tally up. Once you've met the minimum withdrawal limit, you can withdraw your funds to either your PayPal or bank account. I use my bank account and have NEVER had any problems with funds transfers from TCB.

My most recent TCB transaction was with Tyre-Shopper, and although there were no additional discount codes for the tyres I wanted, their prices were much cheaper and I made a further TCB saving . . . and that was tracked within 2 hours! So a double saving at no extra cost.

Fantastic idea, simple to use (if you don't forget!!!) and savings galore. I must admit that when I switched my gas/electric supplier via TCB and joined the AA breakdown service, the savings were simply ridiculous and an absolute no-brainer.

Everyone should sign-up (preferably if you lt me refer you) as we'll both get an extra cash rebate.

Customer support is quick and very courteous, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to any UK resident. The pennies are better off in your bank account than the e-tailers after all . . . right?

Tyre Shopper

Best price and speedy service

I have used Tyre-Shopper before and decided to see if the same great savings could still be had. I noted they're also listed on the Topcashback website, and by clicking through, I made even greater savings by virtue of the percentage rebate. Shame there were no additional discount cods available at the time for the budget branded tyres as per the premium branded ones, but the booking system is simple and cross-referencing the costs compared to buying direct showed just how much you can save.

The options of when and where you want the work carried out is clearly shown on Tyre-Shoppers website, so making your booking by date and time of day is an excellent feature of the website as you have full control over your booking.

Booking and payment on-line was simple, and an email confirmation of payment and booking was swift. I would recommend anyone looking for tyres (as in my case) to use Tyre-Shopper as their first port of call and don't forget that you can make even greater savings if you book and pay using the same method as I did.

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