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Mega fast shipping

If your thinking of buying from them don't worry about anything, the service is first class and has a hassle free website.


Not as cheap as they make out.

I noticed the television campaign they have on now telling you they are cheaper than blah blah blah, the advert is simply a smokescreen to put prices up in store, I should know, my wife and I shop there. We have stopped buying certain items (quite a lot actually) as some of the prices on certain items have went up sharply in recent months. They really should stop trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes, we're not all stupid!


Can be pricy but still the best.

I have had an o2 mobile since the invent of the mobile phone as we know it, they can be pricey for sure but in mu opinion are the best network. I doubt very much if I would go elsewhere.


Thank goodness for the ITV player!

So we don't have to watch those idiotic adverts between programmes!


How much?

It's amazing at one time I used this company to take my wife and two sons away for a two week sunshine holiday, today I couldn't even afford a week for my wife and I at these prices, way, way over the top especially from Scotland where we live.


Brilliant site.

I use IMDB all the time, from the latest trailers to the smallest detail about virtually any film or actor you can think of then this site has no equal. 5 stars all day.


My my, how times have changed.

What dreadful shop this is these days, strictly aimed at the student market with games and DVD's taking top billing, I remember it used to be a record shop!, price wise?, forget it, get it at half price or less online.


Not cheap anymore!

I use Easy Jet at least once a year every year and lately even booking a year in advance is proving expensive, I'm looking at other airlines now to take me to my destination.


Getting worse!

Aside from a few new programmes dear old Auntie if looking very tired these days, for the amount of money they give over rated so called stars and not forgetting overpaid execs you would think it would be the best TV station in the world, it's not, by a long shot. The only highlight of 2011 was Frozen Planet, you simply cannot touch the BBC for this kind of documentary. The news channel as always is simply obsessed with politics and is rammed down our throats constantly. I very seldom watch the station now but I still have to pay through the nose for it!

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John Lewis

Just have a look!

A lot of people always assume John Lewis is expensive, they do have expensive items if you want them but there are also excellent prices online. I always but my white goods from them plus electrical goods are well priced.


The best search engine

I have always used Google, for me it is the perfect search engine and will find what you are looking for.


Past it's best

I only buy certain items on Ebay now, far too many dodgy dealers about in certain aspects of what I buy as well. As for selling on it you can forget it, far too many fingers in the pie now, I used to sell regularly but after paying off all the fees was left with hardly any profit.


Unmatched for choice.

Simply an excellent company to deal with, delivery and customer care are great, can be slightly pricy on certain items I buy but you will always find bargains on the site.


Great prices...but

Excellent price for what I needed to buy but though posting costs were rather on the high side but will buy again for sure.

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