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Trust pilot

Trust pilot is a nice little site to find reviews and to share your thought and opinions on other sites. :)

Facebook Login

Facebook login

Facebook login is simple. you just have to follow the on screen information.

First you need to have a valid email address
then you must fill out the information boxes that are displayed.
After this just follow the on screen instructions.
Once you have signed up you should receive an email asking you to verify your email address.
Once you've done this you should be all signed up and ready to go.

hope this helps. and please click the found usefull button
Thank u :)



LOVE the NFL and this site. makes keeping up to date with all of the latest story's, News, Events, and headlines easy as its almost impossible to watch every single game.

Nice work :)



Love youtube. easy to use easy to upload to easy to create an account. its just easy peezey (cant spell sorry) :) is a very nice site to use its easy and prices are good. have had a few problems but in all its still a very nice site. :)


EBAY !!!!!

I am very frustrated with ebay as recently i went to buy an american football jersey. i had put in the winning bid and the bid had been accepted and the money was taken out of my account. after not receiving the item we contacted ebay where we were faced with a long back and forth phone conversation with the final result being ebay could not do anything so i had lost my money and didn't receive my item. >:(



Paypal is ok but is i find it complicated. also there have been several time iv'e used paypal and iv'e had lots of problems. :(



FACEBOOK is fantastic its easy to use and means u can keep in touch with friends and family. one thing i would like to know or see is recently a friend of mine was at another friends house and his friend used his account as a laugh and blocked me without my mate knowing but know we cant seem to unblock each other. maybe there could be the option if the blocker wants to unblock someone they could do that. apart from that its a gr8 social network :)



WHAT CAN I SAY iTunes is gr8 everything you want you can find. Prices are resonable. Easy to use. :)



AMAZON is fantastic the delivery times are quick, Prices are cheap and can find everything i need.

Good job AMAZON keep it up :)

Route One

Gr8 service easy to use

Routeone is where i buy a lot of my clothes. i find it a very easy website to use and the service is brilliant. :)


Best online service ever

I ordered a Sony HVR-V1E Camcorder a few days before christmas and with all the mayhem that must be happening with postal deliveries SLRHUT came through managing to deliver my Camera just before christmas eve. we received a phone call from SLRHUT who where very helpful in giving us information on what we where buying and offering us special deals. The Camcorder is brilliant and shoots in fantastic quality. i will be using SLRHUT for all off my equipment from now on.

Thank you SLRHUT :)

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Male, 1995
Maidstone, United Kingdom


My name is Rob and i have a passion for film making. currently i brought a SONY HVR-V1E HD camcorder from I use my camcorder to make short skateboarding movies which is great fun and a challenge to capture some off the amazing tricks that are performed.