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Absolutely horrendous quality, service and experience! My girlfiend and i bought 2 dresses in the summer, which turned up on the final deadline day (and im pretty sure that only happend because i reminded them the week before, although that may explain the panic rush & shoddy results!) both stuffed into a bag so tightly that had that been the day of the event (which as far as they were concerned it was!) there was no way they could have been worn as they were creased beyond any sate that could be cured by pressing at home!

Anyway that was the least of the issues as one dress was about 5 sizes too big (no exaggeration!!) and the other was bout 3 sizes too big, whcih given that we had provided 100% accurate measurements (carried by a professional seamstress) was frankly laughable! Whats even more laughable is that we had supplied the same measurements twice (i.e. seperately for each dress on the same order) so any muppet should be able to tell that both dresses were for the same person, so not only were the measurements totally ignored they didint even carry out the simple check of comaparing them with each other! That kind of incompetence really takes effort!! One of photos attached...i can laugh about it now so feel free to join me! In who's tiny mind is that even likely to be a UK size 10?!

The quality of both dresses was also diabolical; one of the dresses had been threaded quite badly in places as they had clearly used off cuts from other shoddy dresses and as far as the beading was concerned they would have been more symetrical if they has just covered the beads in glue and thrown them at the dress!!

I did get a full refund in the end but only after several emails and much shouting and arguing (and even that took about 9 attempts to get anyone on the UK number!) and that was despite their initial concession that the dresses were clearly too big in the photos that we provided! They actually had the audacity to suggest that one of the dresses was good enough (despite their previous admission they werent!) and they would only refund one of the dresses! Once i corrected their outrageous attitude they still managed to screw up the refund and sent it to an incorrect paypal account (dont even start me on those idiots!) rather than refundung it to the card that was used.

A joke from start to finish and i wouldnt recommend using them.

31 January 2012

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Dear JonUK,
We are terribly sorry your are not satisfied with your purchase. Thank you for your feedback.
All our dresses are made from scratch, hence require a tailoring period of 15-18 working days.
I'm sorry to hear you and your girlfriend got the wrong fit for the dresses you ordered. We got strict manufacture and QC rules and size error always controlled within 2%.I guess there might be some misunderstanding while taking measurements.
here is our return policy:
the standard way of dealing this issue is discussed in detail.
Thank you for taking the time to post on trustpilot.It definetely will improve our service.
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