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Waltons Garden Buildings

Poor reaction to problems with your order

I'm pretty disappointed with Waltons. Order and website were straightforward and painless, but their response when problems occurred has been unacceptably poor. There is a reason they are graded as 7.6 out of 10, if anything goes wrong from the norm, you won't get any level of half decent customer service.

We received our package in 6 parts and one part was missing which the delivery driver explained would come the following day. It didn't. I then contacted Waltons to find out what was happening only to get a reply 2 days later. The reply was perfunctory and clueless as it asked which parts were missing when I was unaware what made up the 6th package.

I then phoned Waltons and spoke to a woman who advised she didn't know what was missing based on what I was telling her either. Instructions were then due to be sent through to me. She didn't send them through and I have had to chase again via mail with a photo this time to help them identify what was missing.

I have finally received the instructions but no responsibility has been taken so I've had to identify what is not there. I've just told them what is missing and am awaiting the remaining parts some time after I ordered.

I would not use or recommend Waltons based on my experience.

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12 March 2012

Reply from Waltons Web Ltd

Please accept our apologies for the service you have received. This is not the service we aim to provide our customers with and can only apologise for the experience you have had. All emails are responded to within 48 hours and I apologise that yours were not dealt with any sooner than this.

We will look into the matter immediately for you and get the replacement package out to you via courier.

Thank you for your feedback

The Waltons Team

Arbico Computers

Poor after sales

Delivery was reasonably prompt after 10 days for a custom built machine, but this was where the problems started. After 3 weeks I started to have serious problems with the PC slowing down. Firefox, office applications and even notepad took some time to load, considerably longer than my previous dual core athlon PC and the intel dual core I had at work. After a while the computer experienced a blue screen of death and completely crashed. On rebooting the PC, the same issue happened again with the screen becoming scrambled. I started the PC in safe mode and the same thing occurred, essentially the computer was now unusable. To their credit they arranged for a return and picked it up, contacting me to advise they had found a fault with the Mobo and returned it to me again. The problems remained however, so the PC went back to them yet again. I was sure it was a problem with the Solid State HD and told them as such, but yet again, the machine came out to me in the same condition, despite asking that the HD get replaced.

At this point I was fairly confused and beginning to get a little fed up. I spoke to one of their support team who was pretty short with me even though they had made a mistake, and I didn't have a working PC still. In the end we decided to send the faulty SSD HD back to Arbico, and they would send me a new 150 GB Velociraptor, which I would install myself and then re-install Windows myself as well. So after 3 errors and more than 3 weeks of No PC, I then get the pleasure of sorting my own PC out - and I had to pay for the HD until they received the SS HD back.

All then was well until last month when problems again surfaced. The PC refused to boot up, no hard drives were recognised from within the BIOS nor from booting Windows from DVD. I spoke to the to the supprt guy there, who could not have sounded more bored than if he had been forced to give a paper on Tory Party conference fringe speakers from 1975 - 1979. He recommended I take out my HD and send it back. I duly did so only to be told after a week that my HD was fine and they were sending it back with a new sata and power cable. I plonked it all back in only for the same problem to remain. I then had to send my whole PC back where it still remains with Arbico after three weeks, and all in all, I am a little cheesed off. They advise now that the secondary HD has in fact failed and they are replacing it and sending it back to me, and I have only just received it back. Just tested and I still have problems, I'm at my wits end.

I can't fault them for the hardware failing, there is not a lot anyone can do to prevent or stop that, but I do have issues with the support received. To their credit it is easy and quick to get through to them, and they have also paid for all the returns back to base. On the negative side however, the quality of their support has in my opinion been poor and they have unnecessarily elongated the period I have been without a PC and required me to do a lot of work that they should have. Repairs have taken a long time and as I work from home when I can, the net result of all these faults has been less time with my family. I would not as a result recommend Arbico to anyone. I don't think that their service is really bad, but it definitely isn't good. One to avoid.

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