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One of the best online cycle stores, if you can get the kit at the right price



You really are full of it.
- I emailed you 6 times in total, with out a reply.
- There is no sign on your website to say that this is the new site, and there was no sign on your old web site to say that you were closing it down.
- I never sent you mail that was rude, but I was forceful in my final email, as you refused to refund me after asking many times, as you had never sent me the good that I paid for.
- I think it a joke that this has been the only contact that you have had with me, and it still isn't a response to the e-mails that I had sent you, but you trying to defend your shocking business.
- I will wait for the 5 working days and then see if the refund is actually in my account, as your word counts for nothing, as you are a dishonest cowboy.
- Gazza, you have also left out the fact that nochex ordered you to refund me the money you owe me, and only after being threatened that I will inform my credit card company about the fraudulent way you do business.
- So readers please don't be fooled by his lies, this really is the worst on line purchase I have experienced.
- Gazza I hope that your New Year sees your business lose money, just in the way that you do to your customers.
What goes around comes around!!

30 December 2011

Reply from Gaz Bikes

In response to the review from Benedict John

I'm truly sorry for the recent experience you’ve had with a purchase from my company.

The old Gaz Bikes website was in serious need of being revamped and bringing more up to date so we could continue to offer our new and existing customers a great online service.

In August 2011 we made the decision to close the old website and put a notice on there stating the site was closed and our answerphone also stated that the phones were currently unmanned.

The new website went online on 15 November 2011

Mr John placed his order via the old website on 17 October 2011 and paid via Nochex. For whatever reason he failed to see the notice stating we was closed.

The first I knew of the outstanding order was 13/12/11

Mr John has emailed us twice once on 13 December 2011 and again on the 28 December 2011 The second email was very rude and stated he would slander our company over the net.

Basically, I accept we maybe should have removed the website completely from the internet but in order to show we hadn’t closed down I left it available until the new site was ready.

Mr John, rather than finding out the facts to why he hadn’t received his order decided to jump to his own conclusions and has gone on to pass incorrect judgement about my company.

Last of all..... I have refunded Mr Johns payment back to his card.

Happy New Year….

Thanks, Gazza.....
Proprietor (Gaz Bikes)

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