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joke. Avoid store and online at all costs

I went into the Milton Keynes store to buy a navman at about 11am on a Friday. After looking around I decided that the checkout girl could poss help as she was sat doing her nails.. So I ask her for some assistance and she called for a staff member via Tannoy. After aprox 5 mins no one had shown, in the meantime the same staff member had been called 3 times via tannoy to different areas of the store. I looked around the store saw at least 3-4 members of staff behind the parts counter drinking tea/chatting and only 2 other customers browsing the store. I couldn't help but think of how many unemployed people would be happy to work there and probably do the job. After a total of 10 mins I left.

I thought I would just order the product on line from Halfords instead... Big mistake that was. I chased up my order after 5 days to be told its been delivered and you signed for it...... after asking when, I was told the previous day.. Weird as I was off from work and at home all day, no one knocked no card through door. I checked my neighbour’s op parcel. I re contacted Halfords who initially were very helpful, I was told the copy of the signature looked nothing like my name. The lady stated she would be passing it on as she only worked weekends, but don’t worry we will dispatch the product again. We will get a statement from the driver and a description of who singed it from him etc.
I received an email from someone else 2 days later basically calling me a liar and that the item was signed for and that I should send a copy of a picture id with signature on it to them. When asked why they stated to look at the signature. I then asked what would happen to this "copy" and considering its my driving licence how it would be handled to get told "you want us to help you or not". I then suggested that I would edit the copy of my driving licence for my address d.o.b. and driver number etc. this was still not good enough. I then asked if the driver had given a description of the person who signed for the item I was told “no, why, you signed for it”.

I then checked up on the delivery company to find out it was Yodel!!! Any hope of getting my item is gone. It’s clear they don’t know how to investigate the simplest of matters, and use a thrid rate delivery company. So I am off to trading standards to get my money back via distance selling regulations (with any luck).


Bunch of jokers and liars

Currently having an investigation by halfords into a yodel delivery for a tomtom.Yodel driver claims it was delivered and signed for. I was at home all day no one knocked or left a card. Yodel have delivered to us several times. The 1st time they left the parcel outside with no calling card we only found the item by luck the next morning when the postie (royal mail) knocked to tell us we had a parcel left outside. On other occasion parcels have turned up bashed torn etc. One delivery guy was in such a rush he practically threw the parcel at my wife. Totally usless company and I now will research any seller and if they use Yodel i will seek goods elsewhere. Hope the recession destroys this company.

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