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Great Service

I purchased a new Canon 500d camera just before xmas, as well as being at a great price, delivery was excellent, item arrived next day and i was kept informed.

Good products, slow delivery

Play.Com offer some great goods at reasonable prices, my only complaint is the speed of delivery, it normally takes 5-7 days to deliver to Worcester UK, orders form Amazon also based in Jersey, normally arrive in 2-3 days.


My favourite department store

Debenhams is my favourite store, i can always find the items that i want at reasonable prices, great selection and friendly staff.


Cant't fault this company

M&S alway provide good product at a good price, i wish more companie were like M&S.


Worst Flight Ever

Our return flights from Toronto to Gatwick were changed from Air Transat, to Thomas Cook Airlines, we have never been more cramped and uncomfortable, they have crammed in as many seats as possible, also charge for everything including a drink of water, i have flow on some pretty grotty airlines around Thailand etc but at least they give you a drink and sometimes a snack and you have some leg room, i will never use Thomas Cook Airlines again, no wonder they are almost going bust.


Lies, all lies

Promised next day delivery for items purchased. 5pm next day = no delivery. Lied to by Currys (know-how) all the delivery company's fault. No it wasn't, it was currys. They didn't tell the parcel company that it was to be collected. Wasted a WHOLE day in waiting. Looks like I have to waste another one tomorrow.
I HATE being lied to. And hate companies that won't even acknowledge that they have got it wrong.
Refused to give me a refund to allow me to purchase my goods elsewhere either. What a shoddy bunch. And save your money employing customer service advisers. You wouldn't know what customer service was!


Rubbish Company

I ordered to Blackberry Playbooks, website told me the items were in stock, i placed my order gave my card details etc, then next received an email telling me that they had cancelled my order, never again.


Nothing but lies

Having used Virgin Broadband for many years, BT installed fibre optic in my area, when i informed Virgin that i could change to BT and get speeds up to 35mb p/s Virgin told me that BT were lying and speeds of 35mb were impossible in my area, since then i have changed and do get the speeds as promised.


Worst delivery company ever

I run a small business and post several hundred parcels per month, in this case i have made a purchase from Curry's, i was guaranteed a next day delivery and my parcel would be shipped by Yodel, i placed the order 10am on Wednesday morning being promised a next day delivery, Yodel did not collect from Curry's until 07.14 the following day, now my parcel will arrive a day late, i have tried using the Yodel online tracking there is a total lack of information, last scanned 07.14, at 17.45 no further entries have been made on the online tracking, speaking to customer services they have no clue were my parcel is, best advice, use a descent company like [Link], [Link] or [Link], at least they deliver on time and their tracking info is kept up to date.

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