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Why do they even exist...

I have had so many problems with HDNL it makes me question whether I should order from Amazon sometimes.

This is a very good example of why they suck:

29 Dec 2011 07:27:58 PM Gatwick Van UK Delivery attempted (brighton)
29 Dec 2011 07:45:04 PM Gatwick Depot UK Arrival Scan

Apparently, it takes 17 minutes to drive from Brighton to Gatwick. Not possible unless you drive extremely fast / fly.

The driver did not leave a note, but this wasn't because he had run out, oh no, it's because he did not even bother to deliver my parcels. There is no way in hell he tried. I have been in all day waiting, and I also have a dog that KNOWS when someone is at the door, she goes insane and barks a lot (helpful with deliveries).

I called customer services. The only thing he could do and say was "oh... that must have been the driver then.... that's not will be delivered tomorrow."

It is obvious that the driver obviously is cutting corners and breaking rules by not delivering certain packages. I'm probably not the only one that he was meant to be delivering to tonight.

I really don't know why HDNL are even still being employed by big names such as Tesco and Amazon etc... Maybe they are ridiculously cheap? I don't know. But they are making me not want to buy from them now, so they will eventually end up losing out.

Anyway, previous times I have ordered with amazon and got a delivery from HDNL, it has come at 9pm or later. Which has left me waiting in all day. And not to mention the men that deliver the parcels stink of sweat, grease, and B.O. and therefore so does the cardboard that the item is in.... not pleasant.

I don't know whether to give a real complaint to HDNL or not but I'm not impressed at all.

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