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Cash My Fone

The worst service I have ever had the displeasure of using

Not sure where to start.

a) No payment received for a rather expensive iPhone after 10 days.
b) Was told on 5-6 occasions that someone would take a look and that payment would be made immediately. Never any reason as to WHY it's not going through, nor any alternatives provided
c) THE WORST part of the whole experience is getting through to them on the phone. They must a very small office with 1-2 phone lines since (and I am not exaggerating) I averaged 25-30 calls PER DAY to MAYBE get through to them once. Some days, no one would answer at all.
d) I left 4 voicemails and sent 4-5 emails. NO REPLY! This is insulting!

It's absolute unacceptable to have this level of unprofessional service provided in this day and age. I am currently in the process of trying to get my phone back as it's been almost 2 weeks now, but I have a feeling that it won't be easy as they are clearly incompetent, and that I just can't seem to get through to them at all anymore!

In their defence, a friend of mine said he's used them many times. Perhaps you can just PRAY that nothing goes wrong 'cos trying to get through to them is harder than phoning the Prime Minister. Personally, I'd say use mazuma!


Great service, Slighty pricey!

Very quick with the confirmation emails and their site is well laid out and has useful information on what tags to pic, even for a newbie like me.
The actual product price was OK, but the delivery charge of £2.50, plus not showing the VAT on the list price essentially doubled the amount I thought I was going to pay. 4 stars for that reason.


Avoid! Sold me 2 old and broken phones, didn't fully refund

Bought a Sony Ericsson off these scamsters. It was faulty, so I sent it back AT MY OWN expense. They sent me what I'm sure was the same phone, but claimed that it was a different phone. Still faulty, and had to send it back again, once again AT MY OWN EXPENSE.
I battled them for a refund, and in the end they refunded me the phone's price, LESS THEIR SHIPPING COSTS. Essentially, they scammed me out of £25 odd!

Also, the site they tell you to use to fill in your refund claim is completely unsecure and has no way to protect your personal details. If you change the claim ID number in the URL to a random number, you can see other people's name's, addresses and phone numbers. I was very reluctant to use the site, but I wanted my money back so had no choice sadly.

Avoid this rubbish site if you can and stick to better, well-known retailers.

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