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If anyone has mastered the art of selling online it is Amazon...great shop, clear communication and fast service.


Cool vouchers and good company

Have used them a couple of times and cannot complain at all. The product is good, buying online is easy and the delivery time and options are good too.


Good price, smooth transaction, quick delivery

It's always satisfying when everything goes as it should. Thank you.


Perfectly nothing

I could not buy anything but there was nothing to buy. I guess that's not good or bad, it just is.


Smooth Transaction. Quick Delivery. Good Product

Nice and easy sales process with quick delivery of a good well packaged product.


Good price, good experience

Delivered in good time and at a good price, cannot ask for much more.


Average Hotel, Bad Service & Card Fraud Experts at First Hotel Vesterbro

It has been over 1 month since my stay at this average hotel. Since then I have exchanged countless emails and phone calls to try and get a refund for a double payment they took off my credit card and still I have nothing. Monday morning I will be reporting these people to the police for theft and card fraud.


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ØnskeBørn A/S

ØnskeBørn Køge er Dårlig Dårlig Dårlig

I took my 2 year old son to get his new grown up bed from ØnskeBørn Køge last weekend and my god, I have never in my life witnessed such pathetic staff in my life.

#1 - We finally got assistance after waiting for 20 minutes to be told the bed we wanted was out of stock but we could order it. So we said we would look around at some others in the shop as we did not want to disappoint our little boy.
#2 - We decided on another one and had to wait another 20 minutes for another lady to assist.
#3 - We asked to make sure the screws for the bed would be silver and not copper brown which looked horrible on the white bed we had seen in another shop. She guaranteed us they would be silver.
#4 - She spent another 30 minutes up-selling us on the best mattress and sheets which we she helped us select before going off to get the bed.
#5 - She then came back to tell us that the other bed was also out of stock too.
#6 - At this point my son was screaming the shop down and wanted to leave so we decided to give in and just order the bed and wait. We paid for the sheets and mattress and drove home with no bed.
#7 - Note that this had so far taken us around 2 hours including the time to drive to the store and back.
#8 - When we got home we realized she had given us the wrong sized mattress. We then decided if we was going to have to make another trip that we will get a damn bed.
#9 - My wife went back to the store, exchanged the mattress and purchased one of the beds we was not too excited about just so our son could have his bed after all of this trouble.
#10 - My wife drove home and I began removing the old bed from my sons room before starting to build the bed.
#11 - After all of this time I opened the screw bag to fix the bed together and to my anger the screws were the horrible copper/brown colour we had specifically asked about and been promised that they would be silver.
#12 - We called very angry to the shop and insisted they should help or come and collect the bed as we refused to do so. The lady apologized and said she will call the warehouse and ask about getting some silver ones and call us right back.
#13 - We waited and waited and no call came back so I made the bed anyway given that I could exchange the screws afterwards.
#14 - We finally got a return call on the Monday (2 days later) to say they could order us some silver screws and the costs would be 150dk for the bag and 50kr for delivery.

So in the end we wasted over 3 hours of our time to end up with a bed that we never really wanted and even worse with horrible brown screws in it which look terrible. And even after all of that the staff at ØnskeBørn Køge want to charge us another 200kr to send us the screws we was promised were included in the 1st place.

ØnskeBørn Køge - 0 Stars out of 5


Fast delivery, good product, good service

Fast delivery, good product, good service


Super fast og god pris xxxx

Super fast og god pris xxxx


Super tak

Fluent sales process with timely communication and quick delivery. Thank you.


Very good thanks

Good price, good service and quick delivery


Perfekt tak

User friendly webshop, fair price and even a phone call 30 minutes before delivery.

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