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Excellent HDMI Cables at Excellent Prices

Hi, recently ordered a few HDMI Cables from Lindy to replace some old cheap ones that I had previously bought. Order was processed quickly and efficiently. Delivered next day. Quality of HDMI Cables much better than the original ones that I had. Noticeable difference in picture quality. Will definitely be purchasing more cables from Lindy in the future !


Leeds Superfi Store - Excellent

Hi, this is a review of the Leeds Superfi Store which is very local to where I live. I recently bought a pair of high end Bowers & Wilkins headphones from the store. As always, I have to say that the stores Customer Service is excellent. This is not my first purchase from this store and I have bought a range of items from them. The Staff are always helpful and know their stuff. On the rare occasions that I have had any problems with the items purchased from this store, they have all been rectified in a swift and efficient manner. One example is when I bought a new Marantz CD6003 CD Player and it would not play any discs. All it did was spin really fast. Contacted the store, who quickly checked it over and gave me a new one. Can't complain there !
Range of products on offer at this store are vast and wide ranging. In store demo facilities are also excellent. This allows me to demo a variety of equipment to make sure that what I purchase is right for me and I will be happy with it.
Disabled facilities are also excellent, which is very important for me.
I am unable to comment with regards to ordering online from the Superfi website as I've never needed to !

Hope this helps :)


I only use Ebuyer because

Hi everyone, just wanted to give my opinions on Ebuyer. I only buy from Ebuyer because of their excellent prices, customer services and the way items are dispatched ie, with the due care and attention that they deserve.
Recently, I needed to purchase a new PC as my old one had become temperamental and unstable. Like so many other people, I chose to have a high spec custom built PC made with all the parts purchased from Ebuyer.
Because of my ongoing health issues, I was unable to build it myself and I asked the person who looks after my Computer Needs to build it for me and to use Ebuyer for all the parts.
I was told that all the parts for my New PC arrived from Ebuyer properly packaged and protected. This is very important for hard drives etc etc.
Also, with regards to Ebuyer's returns department, I have always found that if I have a faulty item/compatibility issues etc etc, ebuyer have always offered either a refund or a direct replacement. Never had any issues there. The one thing that I do try to ensure myself when returning items to Ebuyer is that the items are returned as they were received ie, with all the packaging preserved as best as one can do.
Also, with regards to returns, I have never had to arrange a pick up as Ebuyer always take care of that. I hope this helps and yes, I have used many other online retailers when it comes to PC Components etc etc.
The only thing that i would like to add is that I wish Ebuyer offered a Custom Build Facility whereby they will build you your machine with the components of your choice. This service is offered by many Ebuyer competitors and would be great for customers who don't have the expertise/time to build their own machine. Thanks :)

03 January 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to leave these positive comments regarding our prices, customer service, packaging and returns system.

Your thoughts about the 'Custom Build Facility' will be passed along to the relevant department as we are always looking for ways to help improve the service we provide.

I am pleased to hear your computer parts arrived properly packaged and in working order.

If you need any future assistance our Customer Support Team are always happy to help.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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