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AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!( If you can!)

I didn’t choose this company. I live in a small building containing 10 units. It is very easy, at the front door, you have the list of the units in numerical order and the name of the occupant, for example: 1-John Smith, 2-Robert Johnson,… Beside each name/number, there is a buzzer.
Very simple, easy and convenient for visitors or for delivery companies, I had lots of packages delivered for the 10 years I’ve been at that address and never a problem.

I had electronics supposed to be delivered to me by Purolator today, on Friday the 30th of December.I had a tracking number, when I checked it online on the 29th, it said :
2011/12/29 14:41 Shipment In Transit
2011/12/29 14:40 Picked up by Purolator
I called them and they told me it would be for sure delivered on the next day.
So I checked the next day (today then) at around 11:30 and it said :
2011/12/30 11:10 On vehicle for delivery
2011/12/30 03:24 Shipment In Transit

I was excited, according to that I expected to receive the parcel in the next hour or so. I had to leave home but my wife could stay and wait for the buzzer.
When I came back at 3pm, I was surprised , there was no parcel at home, my wife had not gotten any buzz or news. There wasn’t any notice on the front door either.
Unfortunately , at that time we started to have a power outage in the neighbourhood, so I couldn’t check the online tracking system. I called Purolator, asking them to tell the driver that the buzzer wouldn’t work and that he should call my phone instead but I was told that drivers don’t carry cell phones (?!?)
Also they couldn’t check my status because my name was not enough, they needed my tracking number, which I could not access because I had no power… So I couldn’t put a note on the front door either, therefore I waited more than hours downstairs for the driver’s arrival .
He never came. When the power was restored, I checked the tracking system, and it said :
2011/12/30 14:08 Scheduled Delivery Appointment Required

Not sure about what it meant, I called Purolator and I was told that the driver chose not to deliver the item because he didn’t see a code on his papers for the buzzer! Of course, there is no code, I cannot invent one, it is much easier the way it is than with a buzzer, a 5 years old kid can figure it out! He had my name , address and apartment number, that is all he needed. But he decided not to buzz!!!He just went back to his truck and left!!!

When you call Purolator, they have a message playing, pretending that they can deliver on Saturdays. Of course, I asked for that service and they could offer it only if I paid 25 more dollars. I refused and asked to talk to a manager to try and get it for free. What kind of a tactic is that to not deliver an item on a Friday when it should be so that they can get 25 dollars more for delivering it the next day???
Anyway, as angry as I was,I talked to a manager (Darryl Redmond in Moncton), got the name of the route of the driver (7W2) but I couldn’t get to have the parcel delivered on the next day without paying. I refused to pay, so the package will be delivered 5 days later, on Tuesday the 3rd of January, as they don’t work on the 2nd of January.

We are very upset. What guarantee do we have that the next driver is going to be more professional than the one we had today? Tuesday’s delivery is if everything goes very well I guess, but it could go on forever if Purolator does not improve its overall system , the communication with its drivers and its training/recruiting of the drivers…

Next day update :

How do regular customers manage do stay patient or polite with Purolator employees?

I just phoned Purolator because I thought it would be better to simply go to the warehouse to get the package since your drivers are so incompetent ( for reminder, the driver supposed to deliver the package decided not to do it because he wanted a code to enter a small building when all he needed was to push the button next to my name as in any regular house).Of course, I was told that it was not possible , but also that the item woul'nt be delivered before Wednesday!!! Now I think your employees are just playing with customers, and exercice revenge with those like me who dare complaining...So childish and unprofessional, shame on your company!!!
Of course, nothing I can do but I'll be so careful to spread anyone not to ever take their business to Purolator!!!

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