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Okay, but not the fastest, DOA items take an age to get resolved.

Bought two Akasa 3.5" enclosures, took 6 days to arrive, plus one was DOA.. slow responses, every stage seams to take a day longer than it should, plus they want a week to check it our once received - still waiting.

Folks are pleasant enough when you get to speak to them though


Company should be rated on how it deals with problems

Dabs is fine if nothiong goes wrong - good prices and reasonable delivery costs.

But wo betide anyone who has a problem.

1. there is no phone.
2. there is no chat facility

you can only communicate via email.

my email question to them (and follow ups) remain unresponded to after 10 days.

First due to their systems issues , the order which had a problem (noisy DVD drive), had to be transfered to a new system. 24 hours wait. then the new system shows the wrong prices. So before I returned the item I had a few questions - originally within the 7 day window.

The resultant issues could so easily be resolved over the phone but will probably take days of ping-pong emails to resolve.

Good companies should be judged on how they resolve issues. If you can't speak to them, invariably ine is at a disadvantage from the start.

I remain very frustrated by the lack of communication.

Utopia Office

Something doesn't quite stack up?

Utopia is offering the Dyson DC31 Animal was 109.99 with free delivery, but now 99.99 which is now some £20 cheaper than the nearest discounted price. They are also investing in Google to get a priority listing (as "dy.son") so if you serach for "DC31" they come out as one of the top 3 listings.

You order in the normal way, submit CC details and it goes through. You receive a confirmation as paid.

Later, and many if not all, then receive an email from Utopia saying they have a problem with their CC payment system, if you'd like a further £10 discount, please pay by bank transfer. Any further correspondence is not replied to, even when I offered to pay via COD. According to Money Saving Expert this CC problem has been going on for over 2 months; however to Utopia's credit there are cases, of people saying they paid by bank transfer and received the goods (but many if not all are first time novices).

Something here doesn't stack up. If you go for price, I suggest most would not accept the risk, unless you don't understand the difference in the risk profile between CC and bank transfers (I note that now the price is under £100, some credit card companies would not cough-up even if one runs into problems and if CC were eventually accepted by Utopia).

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stock problem

Ebuyer's system breaks down when stock is low, they accept your order, but when it comes to shipping they have run out. They still charge you, but don't tell you, its upto you to find out why the promised delivery has not been met.
Ontop of that their enote system is slow and cumbersome, typically it always appears to take 2 business days to get a reply. or you could call them on their 0871 number at 10p a min, wait awhile and speak to them to find out what went wrong. The lady I spoke to was polite and charming, she investigated while I waited, and confirmed what I indicated above. I cancelled the whole order as they don't ship part orders.

To make matters worse was that I had to wait a week to find out they their stock control was incorrect.

Ebuyer's customer service is better than it was in 2004 when it was terrible, but they need to bin their enote system, and be more proactive when they are unable to fulfil their oders within the delivery schedule, preferably before delivery is due, so that folks don't schedule a wasted day off.

From reading other reviews it appears that delivery issues are customers main beef.

05 August 2010

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Please accept Ebuyers apologies for the inconvenience and annoyance this matter has caused you. We would like to try and offer you a resolution to the concerns you have raised, please email us at and quote your Order/ Account number along with this review site stated in the subject bar. Kind RegardsStefanEbuyer Resolution Team

Okbatt - Actually based in Hong Kong

I am very wary of any company that does not put their address or phone number on their web. Note I chose not to buy in the end.

Their prices for replacement batteries was very good, so contacted them, hence I was able to discover their locale.

If you're prepared to take the chance then keep yr fingers crossed that you don't need to return it (post charges!), and hopefully you won't also get hit by customs duty.


eDElivery/comms problems

Suggest that purchasers have a look at the reviews on Shopmania as some individuals have had problems with a poor delivery experience, and also real problems in getting any answers from them in a reasonable manner


non-delivery and no refund

I also had the same experience with Computerwebstore - several promises for delivery, nothing appeared, cancelled order and got no refund.

Contacted my local Trading Standards (suggest you do that, then hopefully these guys can be put out of business), who told me to write to them cancelling the order (inc proof of postage), quoting distance selling regs that they had 30 days to refund. Of course they didn't, so contacted my CC told them that I had the formal letter to cancel. etc, in short the CC credit my account immediately.

This has been going on for 2-3 years in my expereince, so don't understand why Trading Standards aren't more proactive!

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