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Express delivery??? Can't be bothered to bring it 1 mile.

I paid for express delivery on an order from Amazon, and the seller has chosen to send the parcel with Yodel.
Tracking shows it has been at my local depot, 1 mile from the delivery address, since 8th Feb. It then shows 'delivery not attempted' for several days (i.e. couldnt be bothered), followed by a 'weather delay' (weather here is fine), then 2 x 'delivery attempted, could not gain access'. Delivery is to my work place, their first 'no access' was due to attempting to deliver at 8pm (not in business hours despite company name being clearly indicated), the second was 4.30pm and I know they didn't try as I was covering the reception desk at the front of the building all afternoon and no vehicles came into our car park!!
Their 'live chat' has been particularly unhelpful too, just saying 'sorry we'll get it there when we can'. No definite answers, no sincere apology and no compensation/gesture of goodwill offered. Shocking customer service.
It is now 13th Feb, and still no sign of my 'express delivery'.

Furniture Village


I found the bed I wanted online, on sale, however I decided to go to my local branch to order as I was hoping to see one on display (which it wasn't unfortunately). I waited around for quite a while for a sales assistant to take my order, I felt like they ignored me as being a girl in my early 20s, they probably didn't expect me to buy anything or spend much.
When I finally got assistance to order, I had to explain the item's specification to the assistant (for example, she asked what colour I wanted, it only comes in one colour).
She quoted me a 3-5 week delivery time, despite their website stating within 4 weeks, but I agreed as I explained I had the 5th week off work already so that would be ideal. I was assured I would be contacted to discuss the delivery, which I paid £39 for due to my order being in their higher value bracket.
At the end of week 6, I emailed FV to ask where my order was as it was late and I'd had no contact from them at all. The manager rang me back promptly within the hour, and apologised saying he would contact the warehouse and find out, then call me the next day. He didn't. I left it 3 days then called to be told he was not working. The assistant told me she could get my delivery to me 4 days later on Thursday (the end of week 7). I explained that this was not convenient, as I had discussed with the manager before. I was told to sort it myself with the delivery company when they called me, a call I am expecting this week.
I am now expected to take unpaid time off work to accept their 3-week late delivery, and I will also have to unassemble and move my old bed myself (as I said, I am a girl in my 20s and I'm not great at DIY or lifting).
To top it all off, I had a call from my parents which is my previous address (which they took for credit check purposes) to say FV have left 2 incomplete voicemails on their phone - I don't live there, I only have a mobile and I don't know how they got the number or why they feel the need to ring it!!
Wish I had read these awful reviews on here before stepping into FV instead of just being sucked in by a great bed offer. Fingers crossed it gets delivered at some point, with all the parts, undamaged and assembled correctly. May be too much to ask.

15 October 2013

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We are very sorry to hear this, it must be very frustrating for you.

We would like to speak to you further about this. Can you give us some further details such as your order number, or the store you purchased from, or if you prefer contact our customer services department on 0845 521 9704 and we will do our best to help you.


Lack of communication with hotel let them down

Booked a one night stay in a city hotel in the UK for 7 people. Very reasonable and hotel was lovely, posh considering it worked out cheaper than the neighbouring Travelodge. It was easy to book online, I paid a deposit amount to suit me, got confirmation emails, accommodation vouchers and the rest of the payment was taken on the date agreed, no fuss.
On arrival at the hotel (around 2 months after booking, and around 6pm), the receptionist informed us that alpharooms had not forwarded our requests on for neighbouring rooms, and had not told them that we had booked for 3 people in one room (one triple and two doubles). Apparently they did not offer triple rooms - despite the alpharooms website offering this and allowing me to book this. As such we had to wait 40 minutes whilst they found suitable rooms for us, and we ended up being 4 floors apart from each other. If alpharooms had communicated better with the hotel, we could have at least been on the same floor, and our rooms would have been ready. They had 2 months to tell the hotel about the rooms we had booked and our request to be close to each other, it's not as if it was last minute. I won't be booking with alpharooms again unless I just need one room for 1-2 people.

27 August 2013

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Dear VC,

I am sorry to hear about the problems you encountered on your recent holiday. We will have offered the option of triple rooms because our provider supplied us with that choice. They must have something in their contract with the hotel that states this,however since you have highlighted this is not the case we will investigate this further. With regards to the special requests, these are never guaranteed and are at the hotels discretion. The hotel receives the special requests as part of the booking had the booking so they would have had the special requests from when your booking was made.

We do have a dedicated member of the sales team who can assist with Group bookings should you wish to try again in the future.

Best wishes, team

Paddy Power

Good website/apps, awful customer service

I find the Blackberry app easy to use, although I can think of a few improvements. The website is also easy to use, and has benefits over the app such as being able to see potential returns before placing the bet.
The downside to this company is their customer service. On contacting them, I have found them to be rude, stubborn and not willing to help in any way. They did not want to listen to my views at all, just stuck to their 'read our long terms and conditions which isnt visible on the mobile app you use' stance. I work in customer services for an internet based company and even if our customer's issue is something stated in the terms and conditions, we still listen to the customer, sympathise and do our best to find a resolution. Paddy Power customer service do none of these things, and the appaulingly negative attitude of their staff has quite put me off using them again.

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