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Suspicion of foul play

My ire towards Vodafone grows every month. I've had to contact them 3 times to complain about undue charges on my bills over the less than 1 year of contract with them.
The first time was with the very first bill: they had charged me humongous amounts for data, although I had applied for a 750MB plan. It turned out that they had 'forgotten' to put in the data plan, and I had to phone them and take the customer service officer through Vodafone's website to have them recognize the extra-charge.
The second time was about a 3G dongle that, although I had cancelled it straight away, they kept charging me for 3 months until I re-checked my bills.
Now, I've learnt my lesson: I'm checking in detail every month. And, Oh surprise! although they had recognized the undue charges for the dongle AND refunded me the 3 months, they still don't have cancelled that extra unwanted plan, and have resumed charging me for it.
I am now considering bringing the case to Ofcom and if possible, break the contract before they charge me for even more undue stuff.

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