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so close

Great lay out on this site - its great to scan through all of the products and see the outfits on, and worn in the location it would be i.e bikinis on the beach - great imagery..

only star missing is once reaching checkout i have found the server crashes, this happends with family, at work and on my mobile,

A stringer server at pay point will give Next their final star i believe


Great customer care

I made an online order with PC world that came on time withing the 9am - 12pm slot i was given.

A further service.... prior to my delivery the store manager called me to advise they did not have the PC Mouse i had ordered, he offered me alternatives in the price range or a full refund of that item.

Great service, Thank you


Great updated service

Tesco home delivery has improved greatly. I had a few poor experiences years ago, with short life for items picked for my. This is no longer the case and the delivery drivers are great... and they are angels compared to the DPD devils.

Great Tesco Direct services, i have even missed collection time in store before and an assistant was kind enough to still serve me !!

Will be using again-



I paid for next day delivery on an item bought through ASOS website, it was ordered Thursday 29th and was due Saturday 31 January.

I waited in doors, watching out the window and tracking my online order on the internet. My parcel was due between 11.08 and 12.08 as advised on their tracking system.

I continued to keep a look out.

10.21am i receive an email - "we tried to deliver your parcel but noone was in "......NO-ONE WAS IN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW SOMEONE WAS IN... BECAUSE I WAS IN MY OWN HOUSE!!!

i called the company straight away and spoke to Aki.... he said "the driver has confirmed noone was in and placed a card through the door!"....... i explained to him, i have no card, i have simply called as i have the email requesting i drive 1hour to a depot (2 hour round trip)......despite me paying for NEXT DAY DELIVERY...D E L I V E R Y . NOT NEXT DAY C O L L E C T I O N!!!! -

Aki then called the driver and the story changed....... apparently the driver could not find a buzzer to contact my flat.... Suprise Suprise i have a free standing flat with a clearly labled door number AND a door bell for my individual flat!!!!!!!!!! The delivery driver then said he couldn't even find my door!!...

So how on earth did he post the card through my door... how did he know no one was in?!!

So i check my online account tracking with them.... and it now states " address not located" rather than "noone in doors"....

I then ask Aki to check his system and read me the mobile telephone number he has on the system,...... suprise suprise... he has my correct telephone number!! - thanks for the call when you were outside and couldn't find my buzzer. NOT

This delivery driver did not even come into my local area, they clearly "didnt fancy" delivering my parcel... which i may add is their job and and i have paid for it!

I asked to make a formal complaint and here you go.....A FINAL SUPRISE............. "YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE IT UP WITH ASOS MADAM, YOU DIDNT PAY US, THEY DID"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This company is horrific. I can not believe they are still in business. I will continue to use Topshop/New Look HMV/ and all the other companies that find my address and ring my door bell and pass me the item i have paid for!!

ASOS - get a new delivery company!!!! do not touch DPD. lets see how the "re-delivery" of my parcel goes.... i am already popping kalms tablets in preparation!!!

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