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I ordered 25kg of peanuts on November 30th and heard nothing until I contacted them by phone, when I was told the delay was caused by their couriers not being able to deliver quickly enough due to the demand. I was also told that I was at the top of the list and my goods should be dispatched the next day. I was assured that I would get them by the end of the week, that was December 19th. I heard nothing more until I requested a refund, when I was informed by email that my order had been sent, but I did not get a tracking number. I again requested either a refund or a tracking number and immediate delivery. I got a parcel force tracking number and the peanuts eventually arrived on December 22nd.
I was so pleased that I had finally received my order that I decided to shrug off the really poor service and put it down to experience, that was until we opened the bag the next day. The quality of the nuts is appalling, they are clearly very old, dried out and shrivelled, many of them are black. I am disgusted and will never use this company again but it was an expensive lesson to learn.

By comparison I ordered sunflower seeds from the excellent Brinvale on the same day and they arrived the very next day.


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