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Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports

Excellent. Really liked the fact that you get a 1hr delivery window and the ability to reschedule.

Goods delivered as promised. I asked for a delay to dispatch as I was away and that is what they did. They also give you a 1hr delivery window on the day via SMS and allow you to reschedule if it's not convenient.


Good concept but....

Why when I post a positive review is it accepted "as is" while for a negative review I am asked to provide "evidence" of the transaction with the company?

So, it seems that negative reviews are discouraged.

17 January 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Steve

Thank you for your feedback.

Both your positive and negatives reviews are accepted "as is". However, the company can report reviews if they believe them to contravene our guidelines for some reason.
In other words, we are not screening negative reviews before posting them - we are simply processing an inquiry made by the company.

Best regards


Great service and price match to boot

Used these guys a few times to get specialist stuff which is hard to get elsewhere in the UK like Western Mountaineering and Nemo gear.

Can't fault their service and if you find a price on the web lower just email them the link and they will match the price.

Their You-Tube gear reviews are really good too.

A Suit That Fits

Maybe I was just unlucky...

Ordered two suits and two shirts. First suit and shirt had to be remade they were such poor fit. Second suit and shirt (which should have matched the remade originals) were similarly poor fitting. I don't know if it was just my advisor but he seemed obsessed with having an extremely tight fit on everything - and I mean so tight that I could tell the garments would have torn. Despite repeated attempts to get the suit altered to give a looser fit - which the advisor seemed to have a pathological dislike of (e.g. me: 'it needs a good 3/4" here' , him: 'ok, I will open it up 1/4') I gave up and ended up getting both suits adjusted at my own expense by a local tailor. Not a good experience though I see others here have faired much better.

03 January 2012

Reply from A Suit That Fits

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your review - it's extremely important for us to hear where we can improve. Our aim is to delight every single customer. Clearly, we have not been able to achieve this with you yet - please accept our sincere apologies for your experience to date.

It is great that you seem to be enjoying the suits and shirts now, although it seems like this is the result of you taking the suits and adjusting them personally.

As you seem to be aware, we do include as many fittings as our customers require to amend their garments to a point where they are delighted with them. Most of our customers only require a single fitting, although on occasion it can take more than one adjustment to get the fit exactly right. We note that it seems like alterations were not done with your approval. This is something that we will look at improving with your style advisor.

We absolutely do not want you to go to another tailor to get anything adjusted. Any adjustment that you require is included in your Fit Guarantee. However, it seems that going to another tailor to finish your garment was more agreeable for you.

Our aim with this is to:
1. Improve and give feedback to your style advisor.
2. Get in contact to discuss this further
3. Make you happy now
4. Ideally retain you as a customer

In order for us to do this, would you be able to email us your order number and the amount that you paid for your alterations?

Our email is

We look forward to hearing from you so we can progress this for you.

Kind Regards,

The A Suit That Fits team.

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