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Usually quite good, but this time round very poor!!

Firstly, I just want to say that I am someone who hardly ever complains and a lot of the time I just stick it out when things are not to standard. Therefore, this review is from someone who doesn't complain a lot and hasn't posted an online complaint before.

To sum it up, I ordered some items within a week of Xmas, when they still stated they would post before Xmas, although I ideally wanted the items before Xmas, I knew I had a bit of risk ordering reasonably close to Xmas, so if it came a little after it wouldn't matter. What I was bothered about was the fact that after nearly 2 weeks of placing my order, it had not arrived. I checked the Hermes online tracking and this told me the item had apparently been "dispatched" and then immediately returned to the warehouse due to damage, which occurred pretty much a day after I placed my order. They never even let me know about this situation!!

I rang up and the person wasn't greatly helpful and made me confirm my brother's DOB as he had ordered before -despite this being my own account!! I was then told that 3 out of my 5 items ordered were not in stock to be dispatched, which made me quite suspicious as to whether they just pretended my items were damage as they just didn't have some in stock. It also made me think "what the hell were they going to send me and would they have informed me at anytime?"

After some annoying holds, the person eventually told me a refund would be processed. Guess what? The refund has still yet to be processed after a week and it has taken me many attempts to contact them to get back to me and surprise surprise they just told me exactly the same thing (that it was being refunded), but also that they need to find the items first. I obviously thought "aren't these items at their warehouse as Hermes said?" and secondly, "why is this my problem? it's their damn logistical issue not mine!!". Luckily I paid with Paypal (and would advise you to if you have to order), so I should be able to make a claim to get it back, but you would have thought that from all the grief they have caused me, they might be courteous enough to just give my money back!!

I'm now really on the backfoot with this company and will try and avoid using them in future!! I have been a loyal customer for about 15 years!!

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