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Cheats and liars

Their lack of professionalism when dealing with you as a customer beggars belief. Their bullying, lying and cheating towards you when you close an account is criminal. Avoid.


A breath of fresh air

After having experienced a particularly frustrating time with TalkTalk, my decision to switch to Zen Internet for my broadband and telephone provision is one which I am extrememely pleased to have made. They have proved to be a breath of fresh air in an industry which all to often takes its customers for granted. There are ploite, intelligent and well-informed pepole at the other end of the telephone and I now longer have to suffer frequent internet signal loss. I am paying more but am getting a vastly superior technical package which makes Zen a far better value for money. My download speed is four times I was getting before and my download monthly allowance is, at 100gb, two and a half times as much (with the option of buuying extra if necessary.)

John Lewis

Top rate online company

A very well laid out website, excellent product range, competitive pricing and very good customer service. I have used John Lewis online a number of times and will continue to do so.


Dreadful service

On top of poor broadband provision and dreadful customer service, their behaviour when you try to finish as a customer is bordering on the criminal. I would positively discourage anybody from even considering using TalkTalk as a company with whom to do business.


Profits rightly down

For years Tesco have, in my opinion, been the least appealing supermarket in which to shop. Many others seem to be coming round to a similar opinion. Shopping around in the "recession" appears to have opened people's eyes.


Excellent home delivery

The home delivery service (free if you spend over £25) is a boon to shoppers without their own means of transport.


Easy and reliable

Value for money. Cuts shopping time down and well as being easier on the pocket than the major supermarket players

Good value

The Zogg swimming trunks I bought were better value than the Speedo eqivalent available from other companies. Efficient, free delivery with each of the two purchases I have made with Wiggle.

Remotes4u (UK)

Slow after sales

The initial service was prompt, though the Tevion remote control they supplied did not work to its full specification. When the condition of the remote (still under warranty) packed up, I returned it to them. After over two weeks, they still had not returned it or contacted me. They failed to respond to four emails. They did, however, finally resolve the matter to my satisfaction

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