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my review of "Hungry House" has been removed !!

I did receive an email asking for the order details which I have provided but the review is still not visible, I find it a little odd that "hungry House" replied to the post and then complained to you that they could find no record of the order !

I find it even stranger that almost every negitive review of this "outfit" has been removed!

Have Hungry House bought Trustpilot ?

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21 May 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your review.

A company or customer can report any review if they think it conflicts with our review guidelines. In such cases the review is not visible until we have investigated the case - sometimes we need to request additional information from the customer to make sure that the review is written by a real customer.

In your particular case we got the documentation we needed, and it looks like your original review is back online now.

Thanks for contributing with your review and by helping us out by providing additional order details.

Best regards,
Joakim Ditlev



I placed an order with Hungry house they took the payment from my debit card only to have the restaurant cancel my order (I have ordered by HH form the same restaurant before)

I was slightly miffed by having my order cancelled so sent HH an email asking for the reason, when HH got back to me they told me that the restaurant had told them it was difficult to gain access to my property which is blatant lie, I told HH this, and that none of the other 300 or so residents on our development had problems with any other restaurant on the site

HH where disinterested and did nothing, it has taken over a week to to get the refund

Perhaps HH are content in conducting business with liars, however I am not so will not be using HH or the restaurant again

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