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Great site with good prices and service

Excellent website with great prices and surperb service. I have used this site on several occasions an highly recommend it.

MPB Photographic

Excellent products, prices, and service

I have used MPB on several occasions and found them to be very competitively priced with helpful staff and a clear and simple website. Delivery is excellent as is the back-up offered. Highly recommended.



Both I and a friend tried to buy from this site and both of us asked for our money back after repeated delays on delivery. They really need to get their act together. Not recommended.


Budget in every way

I have only used Ryanair once and the experience was passable. Everything about them seems cheap except their relentless attempts to squeeze more money for anything not on their small list of inclusions. The flight was OK, service was basic and the staff were 'there' (just). I guess you get what you pay for, but there are other better budget alternatives.

Victoria Plumb

Excellent products, prices, and service

VP has a great range of products at good prices. Their website is easy to use and the delivery service has been excellent. Highly Recommended.

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First rate site and service

I have used Warehouse Express for a number of years and find their site easy to use and their prices to be pretty competitive. Their delivery service is very good. On the odd occasion that I have needed help - their customer service has been great. Highly Recommended.

Great products and prices, but website could be better.

I would probably by a lot more products from 7 Day Shop if the website was better. I find the layout drab and confusing. The products are very keenly priced and the delivery service is good. Recommended.


Check for bargains

Currys has a good range of products which, on occasion become very competitively priced. The ability to see an item in 'real life' in store and order online is a real bonus. Delivery service (free version) has been very good with excellent communication prior to delivery. Recommended


Great range of products at good prices

I have used both online and storefront services. The range of products is excellent and the prices are usually very keen. Service in store has always been good and their delivery service has been superb. Highly Recommended.


Great products and service

I have used Maplin on a few occasions both online and on the high street. They have been helpful and competitive on all occasions. The delivery service/store pick-up has been excellent. Highly Recommended.


Generally OK, but could do better

I have been with Talk Talk (previously as a Tiscali customer) for years.
They can be quite competitive but the quality of service varies widely. Slow access and drop-outs are common particularly during busy periods.
Support can be long winded and pricey. Constant hassle from their sales teams about upgrades and new contracts (they don't like to let go) are infuriating. Recommended with reservations.


Good products but process could be simpler

I use Vistaprint regularly to print cards and calendars. Their prices are generally very good but beware the postage costs for smaller quantities which can be high. The ordering process is fairly straight forward, however the repeated 'offers' for numerous unwanted products before you reach the checkout is tiresome. Also note that prices (including postage) do not include sales (VAT) tax.
The finished products are quite good, but the occasional misprint, or lack or quality control does let them down. Recommended.


Good value and service

For a budget airline I have found the service from Easyjet to be very good. They are usually very competitive with prices and the booking process seems to go smoothly. I have travelled to Europe several times with Easyjet and found their staff to be friendly and helpful. Don't expect top notch luxury and service - but what you get is very good value for money. Highly Recommended.

John Lewis

Good service and price

I recently bought a cooker from John Lewis online at a very competitive price with an extended warranty included. The delivery service was excellent and communication was first rate. Highly Recommended.


Good range of product but prices could be better

I have bought several products from Tesco online and found their service to be very good with some competitive pricing and a good delivery service. As with most companies - it pays to shop around and also check you local stores for 'specials' if buying a one off or expensive item. Recommended.


Great range of products but back-up could be better

I have used Ebay for several years, both as a buyer and a seller. 95% of transactions seem to go OK but if something does go wrong- getting and answer from Ebay and some possible action can be a long and time-consuming process.
Buyer protection is a good facility and well worth it. However watch out for variable seller fees across categories. I sell mostly tech products which have a fairly low fee (3%) but some fees will top 10% plus any fees and commission charged by Ebay's other arm - Paypal.
All in all, a very good site - but one to be used with care.


Excellent range of products with some good prices

I use Amazon regularly for a range of products including books, computers and consumables. They have a great range and sometimes their prices are very competitive. Their delivery service is excellent and the ability to read reviews before a purchase is most welcome. My only gripe is that by making 'one-click' purchasing simple it has a knock on effect on security. My daughter has a kindle which she uses frequently - however there appears to be little I can do to FILTER her kindle purchases separately (other than removing a valid payment method)

Mr Memory

Excellent products, prices, and service

I have used Mr Memory on a few occasions for both desktop and laptop memory upgrades and each time they have provided great products at competitive prices which have been delivered extremely quickly. Highly recommended.

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