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Usually the best price and best selection

Generally the first place I start for PC parts. prices tend to be the best and the customer service is for the best part exceptional. The only really bad experience I had was when they picked the wrong processor and instead of just going back and picking the right one I had to go round the back to the returns department (the guy had literally just handed me the goods)


I hate it but my wife loves it!

I can't stand TK MAXX it's like organised chaos, without the organisation. My wife however loves it for the good prices and "the thrill of the hunt" rummaging through the racks.


A company that clearly doesn't know the law

This poor excuse for a company tried to keep me to a contract despite me cancelling within the 7 day cooling off period claiming that I had voided my terms and conditions by using the equipment and many of their customer service agents are rude, one of which called me by my first name without me giving them permission to do so.

Their technical services department is based in India (or at least was when I was with them), it can be hard enough understanding some technical jargon from someone who can speak good English. Throw a thick accent into the mix and most people would certainly struggle, I was also told by a visiting engineer that the technical services team have a tendency to lie.


Bunch of liars!

I would never entertain the thought of going with vodafone again. I was offered by them a 9 month contract at half price provided I opted out of my upgrade which I agreed to. Only to be told 9 months later that I was actually stuck with them for 12 months, with them trying to convince me that I agreed to 18 months. When I asked them to listen to the recording of me agreeing to the contract they told me they didn't record calls at this point. Vile company!


Good price but prime can fail on occasion

Whenever I'm buying something I always start with Amazon the prices are usually the best and using prime only sweetens the deal... usually.


Premier courier in the UK

I truly cannot understand why DPD has received such low reviews. It's the only courier I've dealt with that give you an hour window and actually stick to it. The tracking system is very accurate.


Awesome customer focus, always friendly and helpful

I've dealt with Bernie and his crew a number of times and each time was a true joy! When I bought a Mapex Orion the team were very helpful when there were major delays at the manufacturer (the kit was custom made) and even managed to get me a free piccolo snare drum. Once the kit had arrived Bernie personally delivered my kit to my house (should point out I'm local).


The worst courier service in the UK

Terrible customer service, I was on hold for 20 mins only to be cut off. When I went to the depot to get my parcel the guy on the desk was rude claiming the internet was a liar. The website is atrocious as you can't write a complaint over 250 characters (best I managed was 3,500).


The only search engine

Why do people say "Google it" and not "Yahoo it"? because Google is the only search engine worth using!

Rich Tone Music

Excellent, fast and good prices

I bought my guitar from Rich Tone Music as the price was the best around. Never bought from the before but I certainly will in future for all my guitar needs, just a shame they are so far away from where I live.

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